Termites pose a threat to structural beams as they chew up the beams, leading to extensive damage. To manage termites effectively, you should assess your area and establish if the area is termite prone. There are effective measures to control termites that you can employ to keep termites at bay. Let us look at some of them.


Vinegar is an effective household cleaning agent. Also, it is useful in killing termites. Take two lemons and squeeze to extract juice from them and mix the juice with half a cup of vinegar to formulate the termite killing solution. Sprinkle the solution on areas that have been infested by termites. Once the termites get into contact with the mixture, they will die immediately. Follow up the spraying for several days to destroy all the termites.


These are termite-feeding parasitic worms. The worms are sold in specialty stores or on the internet. Release the worms in termite infested areas or those areas where you suspect the termites are coming from and the nematodes will eat the termites away. One advantage of using nematodes for termite control and removal is that they reproduce; hence will get rid termites in due time. When you introduce a sufficient amount of nematodes to a termite colony, the results are satisfactory.

Orange Oil

D-limonene is an active substance in orange oil, and it is effective in killing termites. Orange oil is extracted from orange peels. It is found online and in the garden and home enhancement stores. Orange oil makes termites lose their exoskeletons leading to a loss of moisture from their bodies. To ensure maximum effectiveness, spray the orange oil mixture on the termites. Also, to keep termites from coming into your home, spray around the home before they inhabit the area.


Sodium borate is normally available as borax powder. In most cases, it is used to wash laundry in commercial settings such as hospitals and hotels. Borax powder also kills termites when sprinkled on the affected area. You can also mix the powder with water and spray the solution in termite-infested areas. Spray frequently to get rid of the entire colony.


Termites do not survive when exposed to sunlight. If your furniture has termites, drag them out in the sun and leave it there to drive the termites away. If the structure infested by termites is immovable, you can direct a UV lamp to the affected area, and the termites will be killed just as they would when exposed to sunlight.

Wet Cardboard

Termites are attracted to cellulose and water. Take wet cardboard and set it in a termite infested area. The dampness will attract termites to the cardboard where you can spray them with a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice or the one with water and orange oil. Alternatively, you can burn the cardboard with the termites. Repeat this process regularly to eradicate the entire termite colony.

In conclusion, when you have a termite infestation in the home or business premises, seek a termite control service for a termite inspection. These are professionals who will assess the situation and recommend an effective way to eliminate the termites from the area. They can also identify the nest where the colony is located and destroy it. Do not let termites bring down your structural beams or ruin your furniture.