Driving in major cities can be terrifying for an adult, let alone a teenager. There are so many hazards that come with driving in the big city. There are many people, traffic can be overwhelming, and careless drivers are all over the place.

In most parts of the world, driving is considered a rite of passage into adulthood. It is an experience most, if not all teenagers, anticipate. For parents, introducing their children to driving for the first time in these conditions can be stressful. The fears and valid and legitimate as one wrong turn can lead to accidents with bad to fatal consequences. As understandable as these concerns are, fear should not stop or interfere with the learning experience of a teenage driver. There are several things a parent or guardian can do to help their teenagers drive safely in big cities.

Enroll Them in Proper Driving Schools.

This is the first thing a parent or guardian should do for their teen. A good driving school ensures that the learner learns the rules of the road, how to properly operate a vehicle, how to navigate their way through a city on their own, and how to share the road with other users, drivers, and pedestrians alike. Instructors, teach them how to manage their emotions when driving to avoid road rage, they emphasize the need to be defensive drivers because other road users might not be as careful as they should be. And enables them to practice well leading up to their test. Big cities like California permit practice drives within the city so the learners get acquainted with what real traffic looks like.

Teach Them Timing

Big cities are known for their insane traffic jams. However, it is also a fact that timing plays a factor in whether one gets stuck in traffic or not. There are peak hours where more people need to access particular routes at certain times of the day. It is best to avoid rush hour by either leaving early or after the rush is gone. Unless absolutely necessary, teenage drivers should avoid these routes no matter what.

Obey Traffic Stops

Traffic stops are lifesavers. Many lives have been destroyed and even lost for simply disobeying these lights. Teaching teen drivers the importance of obeying traffic lights will help them be safer and more responsible drivers.

Avoid The Fast Lane

Yet another important way to ensure their safety is to insist on driving on the right lane and avoiding the fast lane at least until they are experienced enough to handle fast driving and the shenanigans of sometimes careless drivers. Young drivers can easily get confused and distracted by other speeding motorists and this has caused a lot of road accidents.

Set A Good Example

It is almost impossible to encourage teen drivers to be responsible motorists when their parents or guardians are the opposite. Parents can set a good example by letting their teens watch them use the road responsibly, adhering to all the rules and regulations.


Teenage drivers can and will consequently be responsible and safe drivers if they are shown how long before they even start driving. it can be stressful watching a child drive a machine into a throng of people, however, if taught right, they can be trusted to navigate their way through big cities and emerge safely, them and other road users.