People modify their cars mostly for two reasons;

  1.  When cars are damaged in an accident,
  2.  Or, when an owner wants his car to look different from the rest.

While it is absolutely natural to want to makeover the look and feel of your car, you should do it the right way. Read this helpful guide before overhauling your vehicle.

Consult an expert

Pick the right garage for your car overhaul. If your car is a Romeo, take it to a Romeo garage only. Every brand needs special treatment. Your car has a distinct engine, a special chassis, etc. so take it to the right expert. Big cities like Adelaide have expert garages like Automoda that know exactly what your car wants. Never change your car specifications yourself. Your car is a machine and it needs expert pairs of hands.

Check local laws

Sometimes, we don’t pay attention to local laws while installing fancy number plates. Australian laws require that all number plates must have the same design irrespective of the make of the car.

There are some specific guidelines with regard to number plates;

  1. Number plates must not be defaced, obscured or otherwise, will not be legal.
  2. Your number plates must be visible from any angle from a minimum distance of 20 meters.

Local laws are not just about registration plates. Some states might penalize you for covering your car windows with solar films.

Use the right consumables

If your car needs regular maintenance, use the right consumables. This means putting the right engine oil, lubricant, brake oil, etc. in the car. If your vehicle runs on a specific grade of diesel or petrol, your garage owner must stick to that specification. Any negligence here might cost you dearly.

Is it worth the effort?

You have spent a sizable fortune buying your new car. Probably, you paid several thousand dollars to acquire your mean machine. But, is a modification to your new car really necessary? While some minor changes can be acceptable, large scale ones might need deep thinking.

For example, your engine overhaul might impact your fuel bills. Your new engine can well become a fuel guzzler, and this may strain your pocket.

What about your warranty?

How will your car modification affect your warranty? While simple changes may not matter, engine modifications might cancel your warranty. Your car manufacturer might turn down your warranty claim if he spots any major changes in your car and links them to the caused damages. Please avoid any internal modifications if you have bought an extended warranty.

It could affect your premium

A major change in your car could increase your premium. For example, your insurer might raise your premium, if you have increased your engine power. He would think that this may cause accidents, and therefore, this calls for a raised premium.

Consider your trade-in value

Your modified car might deliver you a lesser value in the future. The new owner might not appreciate those changes at all. He would consider those changes as a liability because, in the event of a fault, the new owner would have trouble locating your mechanic.

You have to look at a few other factors before modifying your car. For example, check the safety aspects of your alterations. If you are installing a gas-powered engine, stick to all the safety precautions. To recap, make sure that all your modifications adhere to safety and the local laws. Find out the right specialists who can overhaul or modify your car.