NostalgiaDo you want that retro or vintage look in your home? Maybe you have some particular memories that you’d like to relive in your living space, or you’re simply an old soul with an affinity for time’s past. It may even be good for your health. In 2008, Psychological Science determined that nostalgia can help counter feelings of loneliness.

The imagery and elements of nostalgic home decor not only give homeowners a way to jog their memories, but they also provide unique avenues for expression, ensuring that your home is like no other. Here are several ways that you can invoke nostalgia with your home’s decor.

1. Bring in Antiques

Adding antiques to your home’s decor is one sure way to give it a nostalgic look and feel. Depending on what era you are trying to summon, search local antique shops for pieces of furniture and accent items that meet your needs.

2. Create Rooms with Themes

If you have a love of all things past, consider creating rooms in your home with themes. You can choose an era or theme for each room. For example, your kitchen could have elements of a nostalgic diner, and your family room might bring you back to your family’s old country lake house or cabin.

3. Paint Your Walls

Color can evoke feelings of nostalgia, and your home’s walls are a blank canvas awaiting your inspiration. If you’re a product of the disco era, you can combine some purples and pinks for a wild look in a bedroom or game room. If you want a more vintage look or even shabby chic, more muted hues and pastels can be used on your walls.

4. Retro Lighting

One unique and functional way to add a nostalgic look to your home is with retro lighting. Look for antique lights or lights that have been repurposed from other materials. An example of this is a lamp made from an antique motorcycle headlamp.

5. Jeweled Picture Frames

A jeweled picture frame like the ones made by Edgar Berebi is the perfect addition to any room that is aiming for a vintage or nostalgic look. This unique collection of frames is made in the USA from either 24k gold or burnished silver, with accents that include precious stones and Swarovski crystals. Each frame is one-of-a-kind, and there are several sizes available.

6. Retro and Antique Clocks

Most rooms in a home have a timepiece of some sort, and this provides the perfect opportunity to insert some character into the space. Look for antique, nostalgic, or retro clocks that fit your room’s theme. Examples might include a classic cuckoo clock, a grandfather clock, or a fairytale clock.

7. Wall Signs and Paintings

Nothing says nostalgia like a retro sign from time’s past. If you’re going with the diner idea, hang a vintage sign for “fresh pie” or “15-cent sundaes.” Your lake house room might have signs telling people where to dock their canoes or “buy fresh bait.”

If you want to invoke nostalgia through your home’s decor, your choices are nearly endless. The trick is to be selective with your items, choosing interesting accents that won’t overpower your space. This will create a comfortable, unique, and lived-in look that is both retro and charming.