Hosting a karaoke party will delight all the crooners and warblers in your friend circle. After all, everybody has at least one song they love to sing along to! Of course, you must get the details right to ensure it’s not just ‘kara-OK, but ‘kara-o-slay’! Follow these five tips for a truly epic karaoke party: 

1. Loosen Lips With Delicious Drinks

If one thing gets everyone in the mood to blast out a tune or five, it’s a tasty beverage. If you and your crew are up for an alcoholic drink or two, you can buy Yarra Valley Wines online, get some beers on ice, and consider some fun cocktails to get things feeling fun from the off. For those who don’t drink alcohol, mocktails, sodas, coffee, and maybe even some Fresca could be the flavor of the day. 

2. Everyone Cheers For An Epic Atmosphere

The proper lighting, furniture, decorations, and theme will create a welcoming vibe that makes your guests feel comfortable and confident to blast out a few tunes. As we mentioned above, you could hire somewhere for your party with lights, furniture, and other additions in situ for you to use. You could also hire a Karaoke DJ, who will come with lighting rigs and other technical equipment. 

If you’re keeping everything at home, you can get free karaoke tracks on YouTube or Spotify. Alternatively, you can find plenty of affordable karaoke setups, either standalone or as part of a game console. These work well for karaoke parties that are smaller and more intimate. 

3. Be Allowed To Get Loud

Over 50% of Americans are annoyed by their neighbors throughout the year. Avoid being one of those annoying neighbors, and make sure your karaoke party is designed to please those present and those nearby. 

You could tell neighbors about the party (maybe invite them) and discuss when you’ll stop singing. You may also want to consider the kind of sound system you will use and how you might keep the volume below a certain level to avoid causing too much of a local disturbance. This is especially important if you live near lots of homes. 

Alternatively, consider holding the party somewhere you can be as loud as you want. Many indoor and outdoor venues offer the ability to hire the space, which would give you the freedom to completely let loose. 

4. Ensure A Wide Range Of Songs Is On Offer

The average person listens to over 3,000 songs yearly, spanning many eras, genres, artists, and bands. For that reason, you should make an effort to provide a vast range of songs at your karaoke party. Don’t let one genre or era dominate the flow. That way, your guests will all feel comfortable to select the tunes they truly love.

Try to make the focus a celebration of every performance, and encourage everyone to try something different along with their favorites. Musical variety will ensure your karaoke party is diverse and inclusive. 

5. Don’t Keep It Samey – Get Gamey!

To give more longevity to your party and ensure the novelty of karaoke doesn’t wear off, try adding some extra elements to entertain guests. You can make the karaoke into a competition with prizes and a grand finale. You could include freestyle dance competitions, lip-sync battles, short straw games – the list is endless. These games should make the party much more dynamic and fun. 

The tips above can help you put on an epic karaoke party that truly hits all the right notes. Keep them in mind as you plan, and there’s no chance of your party going down like 99 lead balloons!