If you have a commercial business and you use email communication in order to remain competitive, then you will also need to have email archiving solutions in place. These will help you manage your system and keep it secure. Email communication is growing continuously, and you have to make sure that you are protected from viruses, data loss, security breaches, and various legal issues.

Managing all those business emails that come in and become increasingly large in numbers means that you have to archive them properly. There are increasing legal and regulatory requirements to do this, which have been outlined in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in the United States.

The most efficient manner of storing and archiving emails is by using cloud storage. This means all communication is stored safely and securely off site, where it remains safe and is protected from various attacks. This also protects your intellectual property. So how do you choose a good provider? Essentially, it is about knowing the benefits of these solutions, and finding the provider that offers those.

Key Benefits

  1. E-discovery capabilities. If you own a business, you must comply with security norms and regulations, or you will face a lawsuit. Additionally, if you are being sued, you need to be able to quickly and easily find the information that you need. There are various regulations, such as HIPPA, SEC, and GLBA, that you have to be compliant with, and email archiving solutions can help to achieve this.

  2. Protecting emails against tampering. When you face a legal matter and you have to hand over copies of your emails, it is vital that you can prove that they are original and not tampered with. You can do this through email archiving solutions. In fact, you can even get SEC compliances in so doing.

  3. Data storage that is unlimited. It doesn’t matter how many emails are received or sent, as everything is stored on the cloud and you should be provided with unlimited storage space. That said, you can choose to have a limit, as this is often more affordable, but you should then be able to add storage space as and when required.

  4. Instant disaster recovery. If there is an earthquake and your office building crumbles down to the ground, burying all your electronic equipment with it, you can still access all your emails because they are stored on the cloud. This means that they are on an external device that you can access from any internet connected product with the right credentials.

  5. Monitoring is quick and easy. You can find any email that you need in an instant, simply by using the search facilities. You can also make sure that each of your emails is fully compliant. In fact, you can even use it to make sure people don’t spend all their time writing personal emails!

Find a cloud-based email archive solution that focuses on those five benefits, and you will have a solution to buy in to.