We live in a wold where any business worth their salt is required to have some form of presence on the internet. Even if your business is not operating, selling or providing a service via the internet, having an online presence ensures that your business can be exposed to a wider market and can unlock a market which can present new clients and customers.


Your online presence does not need to be grand or in your face, it simply needs to feature your  company and a little bit about what you do and how. Failing to have an online presence could see you fall behind the competition and lose the chance to gain new customers. If you want your business to have a presence online, then here are the bare essentials.


At the very least your company should have its own website, this is your modern-day shop window where you can tell prospective clients all about who you are, what you offer, where you are located and what clients can expect from you. You do not need to invest heavily on a super sleek and sexy website, you simply need to have a basic, informative page which is easy on the eye in regards to the design. You can set up a website at low cost and with absolute ease.

Reputation Management

Unfortunately, whilst the internet is a great place for you to search for new clients and build your brand, you could also find yourself with a negative reputation which you didn’t deserve, simply as a  result of others who have an axe to grind with you. For this reason you should look at hiring people like Reputation Management Consultants Eric Schiffer and his team who can work on ensuring that your reputation online is as clean as it should be and that any necessary negativity is removed online so that prospective clients are not put off using your company.

Social Media

The final part of your online presence should be pages and accounts across social media, this is essential when it comes to searching for new customers, or visa-versa and it also gives your users a chance to talk to your and fix any problems. A social media page gives your business a human touch to the image of your company, something which many customers like to see in order for them to trust and to give their loyalty to a particular company. There is also a great deal of people who are using social media as a search engine to find companies in their locality for particular services. If you want to make the most of this new market then you simply must have an account on social media to allow you to be found by these people and to directly engage with your clients, new and old.

Regardless of what your technical expertise is, going online with your company is something which you need to find a way to do in order to ensure that you are pushing for as much success as possible.