Regardless of whether you have an internet-based business or not, it is vital that you at the very least have an online presence for your company. The world operates almost entirely online these days and if you are looking at gaining more customers, building a brand and ultimately, succeeding in business, then you need to ensure that there is a corner of the internet that is reserved just for you.


In line with having an internet presence is ensuring that your reputation online is in good standing and if you don’t pay attention to your online reputation, then you could be looking at having great difficulty in terms of growing as a business. There are many companies out there like Eric Schiffer Reputation Management Consultants who can ensure that your online reputation stays in tact and here are just a few reasons why you ought to consider protecting your reputation online.

Customer Queries

If a potential customers reads or hears about your business and what it does then the first thing that they are going to do is to head to a search engine to find out all about you. The last thing which you want them to find is negative results be it reviews or otherwise, especially if they are not accurate. Instead, you want the customer to see an honest and accurate representation of what your company does and how they can benefit from using you. Managing your online reputation can ensure that you are fairly represented online.

Ripple Effect

A solitary negative review is not going to be enough to ruin your business or destroy your reputation but often these things can grow very quickly. The things is that people are far more likely to post negative thoughts than they are positive and once you start to accumulate a few bad reviews, something which can happen to any business, then people will start dealing with you having already made a decision in their head. This mindset can exacerbate even the smallest of issues which occur and could lead to even more negative, and likely unfair, reviews being posted.


Having a poor online reputation can give your competition the ammunition which they need to beat you, something which must be avoided if you are looking for success. The rules on slanderous campaigns are very lax when it comes to business online and there is nothing to stop your competition using negative reviews or articles written about your company. If the competition is trying to get a leg-up then you could be contributing to you own downfall if you don’t do all that you can to maintain a strong online reputation.

Ultimately, your business can be made or broken through the power of the internet and you have a responsibility to your business to protect the reputation of the company. Ignoring your online reputation could very well have disastrous consequences.