If you are looking to write a story, be it a book or some kind of news report then you will have to make sure that you frame it in the right way. Some people wish to do this for school or university, others may wish to embark on a novel and some will be doing it for no other reason than to have some fun. Famous TV scriptwriter Roger Wolfson has talked a lot about this during his career as he has sought to encourage others to write their own story, and he has shared a wealth of tips over the years to help people out. Roger of course is not the only writer who has shared tips on this topic and here are some of the best, from the best, with regards to your story writing.

Structure Before Everything

Some people don’t like to create a structure for their story because of the fact that it feels al little counter-creative, having a set format to follow. The point however is that in order for the story to flow well, smoothly and stay on topic, making sure that you have a loose structure to stick to will be the best idea. In order to do this, set out a structure first.


Stories are very rarely about single themes, they are in fact much better when they are laid out with multiple themes which can then knit together in order to create a far better, and more impactful plot. Now the themes which you add to the story may very well come as you are writing but it is nice to have an idea around what you will discuss before you put pen to paper.


Many people are overwhelmed when they have to write about certain subjects and that is because they fail to realize that even the world’s most famous authors have to do research too. If you are writing about the law then unless you’ve worked in it, you are unlikely to have a depth of knowledge which will help. This of course is where the research comes in, the more you do, the stronger you will sound.


Characters are always the ones who drive the story, they should be well thought out and they should also be well described, adding real depth to their characters. The better that you can create a character the easier you will find it for people to buy-in to what the character is all about, and how they find their way through the story.

Just Writing

Sometimes it is about just putting pen to paper and then seeing what comes out. You can plan and you should plan, but you cannot do it to such an extent that you become paralyzed by the preparation. Get your plot and your characters sorted out and then start writing and see where it takes you.

Simple tips to help you to form your very own story.