Whether you are a buyer, owner, investor, or vendor of property in Spain, you will inevitably need to find service providers to take care of your needs. The unrivaled quality of life is the main reason why people both tourists and investors choose Spain. The ‘excellent feel factor’ is not a pricey affair enhancing an easy going ambiance in Spain. To avoid qualms or sleepless nights when buying or selling a property in Spain, it’s essential for to transact with an entity enlisted in the Property Registry. This will primarily help an investor to learn of any injunctions, mortgages or other burdens tagged on the property. There are plenty of Spanish Real Estate companies , where a buyer can perfectly acquire a property eliminating any risk of potentially losing a substantial amount of capital or incurring avoidable costs.

It’s prudent for any investor to do thorough research before buying real estate in Spain. This will offer a fair idea of property prices, and identify the main risks guiding the investor in making an informed decision.

Real Estate Companies in Spain

Spanish real estate agents

These are locally owned by Spaniards and will be either be accredited by API or GIPE professional associations to indicate the enhanced level of training and some level of professionalism. However, API and GIPE titles have often been abused and therefore should not be an exclusive guide to professional service. Spanish estate agents cover local setups and often use Spanish language only with this creating barrier for international investors.

Foreign-Based real estate agents in Spain

These are owned by foreigners in Spain and mainly focus on investors from all over the world with each having a sharp focus on investors from their home countries, for instance, Germans focus on Germany and so are French on France. With a modest capital outlay, it’s increasingly easy to set up an estate agent in Spain. It’s worth noting that a number of these estate agents are incompetent or unscrupulous and hence buyers need to know the existence of such organizations. This, however, should not deter one from investing in Spain as there also many excellent real estate agents in Spain run by with honorable professionalism.

Multi- Listing Networks

Many foreign- based estate agencies have developed linkages where they can share clients, properties, and commissions through legal collaborations. The quest for higher commissions has been a set back as some of these agencies have ever advertised the same property at considerably different price tags making investors question the candor of such collaborations.

Spain Corredores

These are local brokers with precise knowledge of the local community hence conversant with properties pegged for disposal. These usually fit local investors as you’ll hardly find a Corredor working from a commercial setup and hardly will they communicate in English.