Choosing to go to business school is a big decision whether you are going to study an undergraduate or a masters, education is a huge investment of time and money. So, it’s worth researching and weighing up your options, here are the top reasons why students choose Global Business School Barcelona to succeed.

1. Top Ranking School for Sustainability – GBSB has been recognised alongside Yale, MIT Sloan and John Hopkins University by Sustainability Schools for their teaching of business ethics and sustainability. Studying at GBSB will give you key business skills to run your business sustainably. In our world facing climate change and ever-growing sustainability problems, businesses are crying out for graduates with high-quality sustainability skills.

2. Employment Opportunities – GBSB has deep links with employers and regular talks and visits from them. All teaching is related to the real world and will give you key business skills to achieve in the real world. Studying at GBSB will give you real industry skills which you can implement in your career having extremely close links with international corporate partners.

3. International Environment – Barcelona is a GaWC Alpha city which means that it’s a city strongly integrated into the world global economy, this means that during your studies you will get a strong perspective of Global Production Networks at work in the real world because of this international network GBSB has strong partnerships with multiple transnational corporations and uses them to give applied teaching. Students come from all over the world to study in Barcelona, giving you the ability to not only make new friends but to develop a global network of business professionals.

4. Digital Skills – GBSB is the only accredited Microsoft school in Spain, this means that students get access to the latest training and software from Microsoft. Meaning that students leave with quality digital skills which they can take into business and life. Microsoft software means that more and more can be done online, making remote working at times

5. Leader in Global Education – GBSB is the leader in global business studies, students at GBS learn a foreign language as part of their academic programme, Spanish, Russian and Chinese are offered every year. All students gain an international perspective in both bachelors and masters degree programs with unique courses focusing on different global regions. Studying at GBSB you will develop a deep understanding of global economic dynamics and international business.