When it’s time to paint your home, you obviously want it to look stunning so that your friends, family members, and neighbors begin gushing over your beautiful abode.

If you plan to handle the painting responsibilities on your own, it would be wise to incorporate professional tips so that you do a bang up job.

Obviously, by painting the interior of the house you want it to look more attractive on the inside. So that’s our ultimate goal today.

We’re here to help you complete a professional interior paint job for your home whether you bought, rented, or already own a prefabricated steel building.

Take a look at these incredible tips that will make your next paint job absolutely spectacular.

1. Begin Painting the Trim First

The first tip is to start your interior paint job by painting the trim first.

What is the trim?

It’s the wooden material (boards, planks, etc.) that you find located between the floor and wall.

It’s best to begin painting this first because it’s usually a different color than the walls, so it makes sense to get this out of the way ahead of time.

Once you start painting the walls, you do not want to accidentally paint the trim as well, so painting it ahead of time will remind you to avoid accidentally painting over that spot.

When you start painting the trim, make sure you use a very small brush.

This type of painting is very delicate and it requires a soft touch, and the best way to make sure it comes out beautifully is to use a smaller brush.

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After you finish painting the trim, it’s okay to tape over it to protect it from accidentally getting splattered with paint while painting the walls. By taping the trim, you will make it much easier to do an excellent job while painting the walls.

2. Clean the Walls before Painting Them


Whether you’re painting the interior of your home or the inside of metal buildings, it’s 100% necessary to clean off your walls before you actually begin painting.


If you don’t already know, paint will stick to the walls much better if you are painting a dry, clean surface.

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So, if you have dirty walls, you have to clean them ahead of time so that you can get your paint to stick. This is an absolute must if you want your paint job to come out beautiful, clean, and all around attractive.

Plus, an oily or dirty surface will make it very easy for the paint to chip off or peel relatively quickly. And since your paint job should last as long as possible, this is obviously something that you would rather avoid.

Do the right thing and clean your walls ahead of time.

You can use prepared cleaning detergents that already exist. Or you can pick up a degreaser and use it to clean dirty spots on your walls. On the other hand, you may decide to go with a heavy duty cleaner because it will also work.

3. Repair Damaged Surfaces before Painting

Last but not least, we highly recommend repairing damaged surfaces before you begin painting.

In truth, your paint job is not going to look as good if you paint over damaged walls.

Instead of doing a subpar job, do your best to fill in holes, nicks and uneven surfaces ahead of time. Pick up drywall compound or filler to patch the holes.

Remember to let the filler dry before you begin painting.


Please use these professional painting tips the next time you intend to paint the interior of your home. We guarantee you’ll be much happier with the finished product if you incorporate these techniques into your painting style.

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