What Are You Waiting For?

There is an entire world out there today that is more accessible than ever. If you want to work entirely at your own pace, on your own schedule, and make thousands of dollars on a monthly basis, the internet allows you to do that—just do a little research and find which options best fit your existing skillsets.

There are writing jobs available online that you can complete almost at your leisure, depending on who you choose to work for. Are you able to complete basic chores with acumen and skill? Check out, which exists to help fill a variety of needs like cleaning, repair, errand running, and even surrogating someone at a birthday party.

You don’t have to spend your life treading water with some corporate entity in order to pay for an apartment you don’t own. Rates are going to increase, the dollar is going to inflate, and you’re not going to get a raise as quickly as conditions change. If you want freedom, you’ve got to grab your destiny and hang on tight.


Let’s do a little thought experiment. How much do you pay for your living arrangements every month? $500? $1,000? That’s between $6,000 and $12,000 a year. Now try this on for size: do you realize you can buy a used motorhome that’s in pretty good shape for that much? Now you can go travel the countryside and live where you feel like living. What’s more, you’ll save.

In Los Angeles, there are places in downtown Hollywood where you can park for a week without being troubled. Gower Street and Sunset Boulevard are such locations. Get a bike, the city’s yours. If you’re working with TaskRabbit, you can make money in LA at your discretion and maybe finally realize that dream of becoming a paid artist while simultaneously saving.

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If you’re moving your vehicle once a week, you can conceivably live—and with comfort—for under $500 a month. The RV will pay for itself within a year’s time, and then you can use the expanded assets for additional pursuits—it just requires doing your homework and finding areas of profitability that suit your specific talents.

Time To Fly

You want to really expand your horizons? Ever considered becoming a private pilot? You can do it in a month, if you find the right program, save up the costs of education and flying tests, and really focus on it. Once you get that license, you can use it to travel the world, work for private interests, or simply diversify your portfolio.

Flight is a next-level application of freedom. So if you do go this route, you’re going to want to ensure you’ve got all the components available for success. You’ve got to run regular pre-flight checks and get annual inspections should you own an aircraft—but even that can be done cost-effectively if you’re tenacious about your parts acquisition.

Instead of buying new components, go with those that have been refurbished, like overhauled alternators from, who: “…provides Hartzell overhauled alternators with exchange service for nearly the entire range of Continental, Ford, Prestolite, and Chrysler-style aircraft alternators.”


Additional Possibilities

Other things you can do to diversify your employment portfolio include becoming a notary public or realtor. Both of which require relatively low expenses and time investments (relatively speaking), but have the potential to yield high return.

Whether you want to work from home, fly the skies, cruise the asphalt sea or just sell a house and make a cool $30k for the year, all you’ve got to do is take life by the horns and see where you end up. The possibilities are endless, and more attainable today than ever.

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