A Degree in Electrical Engineering (EE) is one of the careers that can be studied in a Singapore university. It is taught in English, the most spoken language in the country. The duration of studies of this degree is carried out over a little over two years, but also depends on your priorities or arrangements. In addition, you have the possibility to adapt your study pace, either part-time or full-time if you study at a private institution such as MDIS.

Description of Electrical Engineering Degree

This program aims to train professionals with the necessary skills and abilities so that they can work as engineers in different industries. While many may perceive the EE programme as dull, technical, or difficult, it is a greatly beneficial programme which trains your mind to be analytical and learn to identify problems in a systematic way. You will also learn to solve in an effective, systematic way as well.

Opportunities from having an EE degree

The opportunities for work are numerous, although there are many problems of engineering today, which require people with specialized knowledge on EE to solve them. These are usually within the electric power, telecommunications, automotive, marine aeronautics and the civil electrical industry. The demand for professionals in this regard is great and is increasing.

Examples of EE career positions include:

– Aerospace Engineer.

– Control and instrumentation of the tools they use.

– Communications engineer.

– IT consultant.

– Electrical engineer.

– Systems analyzer.

– Electronic Engineer.

– Network Engineer.

Besides engineering work, graduates can also apply engineering or problem-solving techniques learnt from there to different economic, social and environmental work. Such examples include project executives in digital marketing, running a NGO, or starting a new company. Without good organization and problem-solving skills, success at these job roles is not possible.

Entry requirements

Enrolling in an EE degree has different requirements in Singapore. These requirements are:

– Having a GCSE A Levels, a local Singapore polytechnic diploma, or certificate of higher education such as the International Baccalaureate.

– To be over 18 years old.

If you are not a resident in Singapore, you can still apply, and these are the following requirements:

– Diploma of an International Baccalaureate with Mathematics and Science, best is if one that has to do with engineering.

– High School Secondary Certificates, which is very similar to the diploma mentioned above.

– On some occasions it is requested to take a year in the country of origin to be able to access in Singapore. If you wish to skip this process, you can consider taking additional English certification tests to certify that you are proficient in English.


Therefore, if you wish to apply for an EE degree course in Singapore, you would need at least a high school certificate or diploma. You would also need to be over 18 years old. If you are from another country, you should check out the additional requirements first.

Prospect-wise, an EE degree will give you many opportunities in work, not only within electrical energy and engineering, but in any occupation that involves dealing with complex problems and detailed organization.

An EE degree lasts a little more than two years if everything goes well and you can either take this full-time or part-time, depending on your priorities, free time and career goals.