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The speed that technology moves at in the digital age can make it an uphill struggle trying to stay up-to-date, as new trends such as VR and AR look set to become the next big phenomenon while consumer electronics have a shorter lifespan than ever. These are 10 tech blogs that will help keep you in the know for 2018.
1. Binary Moon

Binary Moon is updated by Ben Gillbanks, an experienced web designer who also makes flash games in his spare time. Expect software reviews and the occasional piece about consumer electronics hitting the market, but mostly this blog contains more advanced stuff, often relating to web design.
2. SmarterWare

Covering a blend of business and consumer related topics, there are two pages dedicated to cloud computing and software. Though occasionally dipping into subject areas targeted at the more experienced user, they still give plenty of relevant commentary to a more general readership.
3. Zdnet

Zdnet is a blog catered to professionals in the IT industry, delivering daily news and analysis on a wide range of topics; they cover consumer electronics, hardware, security, and Big Data as well as pretty much anything else someone in the profession would need to know.
4. Betanews

A leading source of tech news and analysis since 1998, there’s a range of expert analysis, reviews and news available. Targeted at a more knowledgeable audience it provides a high quality insight into the latest tech news, alongside a downloads tab which shows popular software that users are downloading.
5. Tapscape

Since 2010, Tapscape has been a trusted source for tech news and analysis. They are app review specialists and have to date reviewed over 2000 apps on iOS and Android.
6. Switched On Insurance Weblog

An all-encompassing blog that not only reviews and compares gadgets, but also frames recent developments in the tech world against real-life applications. They publish a selection of tips and tricks as well, with a host of troubleshooting articles which seem to complement their parent site nicely.

Silicon is a must-read for Britain’s tech business community. It reports on topics such as cloud services, startups, Big Data, social media, security, privacy and even Government strategy. In addition to this, the site contains helpful resources such as job listings, whitepapers and downloads.
8. The Loop

Aiming to do exactly as the name suggests, The Loop gives comprehensive and insightful coverage of all things Apple. They boast a wide range of how-to articles covering just about anything you can think of needing to do on an Apple device.
9. IHS Markit Weblog

As an industry leader in information, analytics and solutions for markets worldwide, IHS Markit can provide a blog with unique insights on technology, media and telecommunications.