PRINCE2Your PRINCE2 project is going to involve a series of different tasks. After all, that is what any project is, really. However, these tasks don’t just sit there in isolation. They are all linked and your progress depends upon getting each one done at the right time.

This is why procrastination is so dangerous in the project world. If you put off on task for too long then it will eventually have a knock-on effect elsewhere. So, what should you be doing to stop procrastinating and to get things done on time more regularly?

Plan Tightly But Realistically

The key to any PRINCE2 project is with the plan. This is a crucial element of the methodology and will guide you through the piece of work. How can it stop you from putting off tasks along the way, though?

One problem on many projects is that the timescales on some milestones are too generous. This means that it can be easy to keep putting off the tasks time and time again. Eventually, it can seem like a more complex and scary thing that is really is.

This can be made worse if a subsequent task follows on from this too closely. Therefore, you want to make your milestones well-planned, without too much leeway for procrastinating or too tight together either.

Make a To-Do List for Yourself

Some project leaders prefer to make themselves a to-do list. This is a simple way of keeping track of what you are doing and not just letting things slip.

Naturally, this approach only works if you stick to what is on your list. A good idea can be to write the following day’s list at the end of each day, when it is clearer what you need to do the next day.

This list will be based on what the plan tells you is most urgent. Yet, you might find that other urgent matter crop up that cause you to change your list once you get started on working your way through it.

Allocate Tasks to the Right People

Is the problem with other team members who are constantly putting off their allocated tasks? This can often be a sign that you have given work to the wrong people, who perhaps don’t feel fully confident in their ability to get it done.

Allocating the right tasks to the right people is going to ensure that they get things done more quickly. We all prefer doing tasks that we are comfortable with, which cuts down on the risk of putting them off time and time again.

Do you have a team member who is ready to take on more of the complex tasks? Or maybe you have a newcomer who needs to take their PRINCE2 training Bristol in order to handle more of the complicated stuff that comes your way.

Start with the Easy Stuff If Feasible

Many of us find it easier to start off with the easiest available tasks. This is a way of quickly whittling down the to-do list and then moving on to the more awkward things that are left.

This is a clever move if you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of jobs that need to be done. By reducing the list right away, you are making life a lot easier in the long run.

Of course, some people prefer to do it the other way around and pick off the more difficult things first of all. However, this approach makes it far more possible that you end up procrastinating and falling behind the plan.