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For millions of Americans, living a healthier life is more than just a slogan.

Whether it is a chronic health problem that has plagued them, a recent injury that has sidelined them, maybe even just working too hard to keep pace, millions of Americans wish they led healthier lives.

That said there are myriad of ways one can work on becoming healthier, though it takes just that, work.

With that being the case, are you looking to lead a healthier life in 2017 and beyond?

Don’t Neglect Your Health

So that you can live a healthier life moving forward, your biggest step to take is your attitude.

For many Americans dealing with health issues, attitude can make things better or worse. If you’re someone that is known for a positive attitude, you stand a much better chance of overcoming any and all health challenges you face. On the other hand, sporting a negative attitude can ultimately lead you to throwing in the towel with whatever you are dealing with.

If staying on top of your health is important to you, focus on the following four areas:

  • Outlook – As mentioned a moment ago, attitude has so much to do with whether or not you beat any health issues you face. For example, if you are suffering from chronic pain for one reason or the other, are you doing anything to fight it? One avenue to explore is medical marijuana, Yes, you may have been (or still be) opposed to marijuana usage overall, but what if medical marijuana could help ease your pain issues? By obtaining a medical marijuana card, you might ultimately find marijuana to be a solution, not a problem in your life. By keeping an open and positive outlook in life, you have the possibility of improving your overall health situation;
  • Diet – They say that you are what you eat, so don’t take that thought lightly. For instance, are you watching how many calories you consume on a daily basis? Have you tried to work more fruits and vegetables into your daily routine? Are you avoiding eating too many fatty foods? While you do not (and should not) have to live on salads etc. non-stop, you should a well-balanced diet. If this has been an issue for you up to now, consider talking with your doctor and/or a nutritionist. Remember, while you do not want to be skin and bones, too much weight is not good for you on a variety of fronts;

Get Out of the Recliner

  • Exercise – For too many Americans, exercise is essentially a foreign word. That said exercise can go a long way in not only making you healthier, but helping relieve some of the pain you may be dealing with. Before starting any kind of exercise program, be sure to speak to your doctor. He or she can advise you on what type or types of exercise are best suited for you. The key to exercising properly is finding a form or forms of exercise that are not only good for you, but ones you enjoy doing;
  • Healthcare – Lastly, make sure you get regular physicals. Just as going to the dentist regularly is important for healthy teeth and gums, doctor check-ups are critical too. You may have been avoiding the doctor the last few years for a number of reasons (health insurances issues, not enough time to schedule an appointment, fear of what they might find etc.). The worst thing you can do is skip annual physicals, leaving your health up to chance. Schedule a yearly physical, allowing you to stay on top of your health.

Living a healthier life should be one of your top priorities.

Given you only get one crack at life, making the most of it is something to never be taken for granted.

If your health has been a question mark for a while now, do something about it starting today.