As we draw ever closer to the end of 2018, what better time to look back at the ways in which the online casino landscape has changed and get excited about the features we can look forward to in 2019! 

The advancement of internet tech has certainly had its effect on the popularity of online casinos this year. Whilst for the last few years we’ve had plenty of options when it comes to choosing an online casino game that suits our tastes and budgets, now, we’re spoilt for choice. Better yet, we don’t even have to leave the house to enjoy an authentic casino experience and play progressive games which have higher jackpots than land-based games. 

If you’re still playing in the past, we’ve put together a list of the top 4 trends, which you’ll definitely want to take note of before you go in search for a new casino game. 

The Rise in Popularity in High-Skill Games 

Internet poker isn’t exactly a new thing. It’s been available to play online for decades. Yet, the public have spoken. Although Poker may be one of the flagship card games which require immense amounts of knowledge and logistical skill to pull off, there’s an increased demand for more complexity in other games. As one of the hottest online games right now, the humble slot machine stepped up to the plate with progressive versions of the simple game play experience. With the more advanced slot machine games there’s the ability to win on hundreds of different pay lines in a bid for the progressive jackpot bonus which is fed into by players from different sites from all around the world. So, even for players who are placing a relatively small stake, by playing the more progressive games, you still have the chance to win life-changing amounts of money. Jackpots in excess of £1 million aren’t as common as you’d think. Progressive jackpots are one way to play for a big reward, casino games where you are put against other players on the gaming site is quite another. 

VR Slot Games

The attraction behind land-based casinos differs for everyone. Some like to wander aimlessly amongst the cash hungry chaos, some like the flashing lights, or the sound of bells ringing to the sound of a massive jackpot paying out. Whatever draws you to the casino, is also now a feature of the virtual reality casino experience. Whilst virtual reality when it comes to online casinos may not provide the same sense of escapism compared to when playing your favourite RPG action adventure game. The VR Slot Games may not be all too prominent on the market right now, but in 2019, they’re looking like they’re going to be a big attraction for online casinos to draw in even more players. You can read more about the virtual reality technology that made it possible here. Bear in mind that it’s still very early days, however, prepare yourselves now for the tech to be hitting a wide variety of online casinos. Although perhaps, there shouldn’t be so much emphasis on us assimilating real life experiences from the comfort of our own homes. Yet, on the flipside, who wouldn’t want to interact with dealers and other players as they walk around the most innovative casino in the world? 

Licenced TV & Film Themed Slots 

Specially licenced themed slots are taking off in a big way. Whether the game developers are working alongside network stations, videogame franchises or teaming up with the studios to create authentically immersive games, they franchised games are all proving to be a hit. With plenty of hit films such as Alien, TED and Anchor Man having their own officially licenced games this has certainly had an impact drawing the younger gamers into the online casinos. This goes alongside hit TV shows such as Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead Series all having their own themed slots. Blueprint Gaming is now one of the most advanced game developers around right now, their dedication to recreating characters we love and characters we love to hate is something that players won’t tire of in a hurry. Whilst the majority of the gameplay with film, tv and video game-themed slots are still played with 2D theme-related symbols, developers have found plenty of inventive ways to help us relive the action. Each game varies, with some you’ll be treated to audio clips or the soundtrack and with others, you’ll get to see replays of your favourite parts of the shows. 

Improved User Experience 

Customers like to be rewarded for their loyalty, when customers regularly frequent online casinos, they expect a little thank you in return. Which a lot of online casinos are all too happy about providing. The casinos having a higher engagement rate with the players may be one of the oldest marketing tactics in the book. But when customers get the perks of weekly bonuses and free spins, it’s a win, win situation for everyone! As well as being able to take advantage of the generosity of the casinos, registered customers will also be able to keep up to date with the latest news about new games which are due to be released. No one likes to be the last person to find out about something. 

With the virtual landscape of online casinos changing so much over 2018, to say that the prospects for the market in 2019 are exciting is a pretty major understatement. Whilst the online slot machine games may be reigning supreme right now, who is to say by the end of 2019 casinos won’t have a totally different flagship game? Although that is highly unlikely given how many new players the now progressive game has pulled in. Technology such as VR headsets may quickly come to be seen as a gimmick, yet, there’s nothing novel about the possibilities to win big on the jackpots, which are only set to get higher as we move into 2019.