It is one of the most common things that people will say to you when you are looking to invest some of your hard earned cash “put it into bricks and mortar,” invariably the people who will say this to you are just repeating something that they have hear one thousand times over but the truth is that they are right. Real Estate is exactly where you should be investing your cash over stocks and shares or oil futures.


Real Estate is no longer about homes, houses are assets, piles of cash that can give you, and the smart people like real estate broker Chase Rubin, a great opportunity to make profits. Here are just a few reasons why real estate is the investment for you.

Safer Investment Option

Whilst housing markets can at times be volatile, the bricks and mortar of the building are not going anywhere and housing markets have shown over the years that they always pick back up again. Your money is safe when it is tied up in a house and as long as you have the patience for the long term then you can simply sit on your cash and wait.

Profit Through Appreciation

As ready rental income is a great way of making money from your investment but the holy grail in terms of property ownership is being able to make profits through the appreciation of your house. If you are smart enough or fortunate enough to buy your house for a low price and then watch the rehousing market rise the you could be in for some sizable profits which you can use to buy more properties and start the process all over again.

Demand Over Supply

The demand for beautiful houses has always outweighed the supply and that means that the chances of you having a property which you are unable to rent out or sell is incredibly slim. Another important point here is that the World population is growing fast and government are regularly being lambasted for not building enough homes, these two factors combined means that property ownership is the smart money move when you are looking to invest.

Price Negotiation

Unlike stocks and shares, you are able to negotiate on price when you are buying a property and you can take advantage of the housing market or of a sellers need to get rid  of their property. If you are buying a home then you need to tread carefully with your negotiations so that you don’t lose the house whereas if you are looking to invest then you can be far more bolshy with your offer.

Show me The Money

Banks love real estate and even if you have a sizable amount of savings, seeking out finance to buy your property can be done with ease at the bank. Banks know how solid an investment property buying is and it may be worth utilizing finance from the bank in order to buy a more expensive property or to keep some cash on hand for any alterations which you may wish to make.