Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments have seen a sharp rise in popularity in the last decade as people look to improve, enhance and alter their bodies. The reasons why so many people are deciding to go in for surgeries and treatments vary widely but there are a few reasons which are the most popular which we are going to take a look at today.


I recently had my first cosmetic treatment, a little bit of Botox filler around the eyes to minimize my crow’s feet and I had a chat with the surgeon at the Sono Bello clinic to get his take on why the industry has seen such an increase in popularity.

Price and Accessibility

One of the key reasons why there has been such a surge in the popularity of cosmetic treatments is that the price fro many of them has reduced significantly. The reasons for this is that there are more people offering such treatments and a higher demand for them. This price tumble has allowed a wider range of people the opportunity to be able to afford body modification or enhancement and thanks to the numerous amounts of clinics offering treatments, they don’t have to travel too far to have work done.

Health Reasons

Many people choose to have surgery as a result of health problems or avoiding health problems. A perfect example of this would be a lady with larger than usual breasts, the implications on the back as a result of big boobs can be very painful and cause problems in later life. It is for these reasons that many women seek  to have breast reduction surgery and cut out the chance of having spinal issues when they grow older.

Fashion and Trends

For many years surgery was seen as just something that celebrities or the rich and famous did, now that it is more accessible to the general public, it is far easier to try and keep up with celebrity fashion. Magazines and newspapers often paint pictures of the so-called perfect body and many impressionable young men and women often choose to undergo surgery in order to keep up with what is fashionable or to try and achieve a body that they think that they should have.


One of the key reasons why so many people undergo surgeries and treatments is so that they can gain more confidence. A great many people have body hang ups and surgery is a great way of fixing it and giving the person far more confidence. For many, body image issues are a cause of great stress, sadness and sometimes depression and a few hours on the operating table can alleviate their concerns and their dislike about the shape or size of their body. According to the surgeon at the clinic, this is the most popular reason that people give for having surgery done and as a surgeon I imagine that it must give them great satisfaction knowing that they work which they are doing is breathing confidence into a person’s life.