anti-wrinkleMany people want to improve their bodies and their looks. And many who start to develop wrinkles consider anti-aging treatment. This is why Botox treatments in San Jose, CA are so popular. However, before you decide to have this type of treatment, there are a few things that you should consider. Let’s take a look at some of the most important questions you have to ask yourself.

What Is Botox

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration original approved Botox for a number of optical conditions, most notably blepharitis. What doctors found, however, was that if they applied Botox, their patients eye wrinkles also started to soften. The result of this was that scientists started to examine the products cosmetic potential as well.

Very simply put, Botox is botulism, which is a very dangerous poison. However, it is used in a completely safe manner. Specialists use a very thin need to inject Botox into the muscles that surround certain wrinkles, thereby paralyzing it, making them unable to contract. What this means is that the wrinkle softens. If you have very fine wrinkles, however, you won’t see much of an effect when you have Botox. But if your wrinkles are very deep, then Botox may just be perfect for you. You would join the ranks of millions of other people who have already used it.

However, Botox costs quite a bit money. This is mainly because the effects only last for about four months, although some people claim it lasts six months or even a year. Scientists, however, say the effects do not last longer than four months, unless people have very regular treatments. The exact cost of Botox does vary depending where you live, ranging from $300 to $500. As a rule of thumb, the treatment is the most expensive in the northeast, and the cheapest in the west. However, each physician can set their own prices.

It is very important that you only allow a licensed and trained physician to apply the Botox. They will be able to explain what the benefits of the treatment are, but also which side effects you can expect. Most importantly, they will determine whether you are a good candidate for the treatment in the first place. You should also expect some redness and bruising where you received your injections. Some people can experience an allergic reaction, paralysis of the muscle, bad headaches, and overall weakness of the muscle. These are more serious conditions.

Despite this, Botox is a hugely popular form of treatment. Just a few days of having the injections, you should see some fantastic improvements. If you are not keen on the idea of having a dangerous toxin injected into your skin, there are, unfortunately, very few alternatives exit to it. There are some therapies that have proven to be quite successful, including Ultherapy, but the results are quite different as they rejuvenate the skin as a whole, rather than fixing wrinkles. As such, if you do want to get rid of those wrinkles, Botox really is the only option.