Are you struggling to cope with the anxiety of an eye corrective surgery? Don’t worry; we understand your dilemma. However, if the surgery happens to be a LASIK, there are very few chances that something would bother you post the D-day. Not your vision, not your eyes, nothing would be off-balance! The whole point of a LASIK is to give you the best 6/6 vision.

However, there are a few rules that one should follow to be extra cautious. Several risk factors that are present in your office or any workplace may hurt the delicate tissues of your eyes. You may struggle with tearing, tingling or burning irritation in your eyes after the medical procedure. To save you from that, we have listed a few simple ways that would ensure no harm comes to your sensitive and now all the more delicate eyes:

First 24 hours

Abstain from exhausting or straining your eyes as much as you can. You should strictly avoid any contact with the blue-ay emissions coming from a TV, smartphone, computer, or projector screen. To be absolutely certain of proper healing and correct protection, you will be given sunglasses to wear during evening or day time. These sunglasses will also restrict you from rubbing your eyes, which is a strict NO-NO!

However, post-surgery, you may experience dryness in your eyes which may prompt you to do just that. Remember that you can not apply any brute pressure on these delicate tissues. However, it’s okay to take a shower after the Lasik medical procedure; you would need to be careful that no chemical product or face wash comes in contact with your eyes. If possible, avoid splattering water on your face, as it may rupture the new flap.

Avoid Pools and Hot Tubs

It doesn’t matter if you keep your face out of the water or not, you shouldn’t go into a pool or hot tub for at least fourteen days after LASIK medical procedure. Chlorine can be risky for your eyes. While healing, it’s ideal to avoid pools or hot tubs until your eyes have had sufficient time to heal.

Another reason why you should avoid hot tubs is that the warm water could be a growing ground for microbes, Go forbid if they make it into your eyes. You’ll need to avoid these kinds of places until your eye specialist allows. If you want to know more about such crucial steps, head to a panel of specialists like Personal Eyes.

Let Your Eyes Rest

Post Lasik, serious conditions like poor night vision, blurry or double image formation with dryness around the eyes can affect your day to day behaviour. Until your doctor gives you a green card, do not drive on the road. Unless you are sure that the resumed vision is perfect, do not make haste decisions that you may regret.

For a month or so, restrict yourself from touching or rubbing your eyes and try to maintain a safe distance from overcrowded or dusty places. This way, you will ensure a speedy and lasting recovery. Eye makeup is a big NO-NO for at least the next two months, we know the struggle is real, but believe us, it’s worth the wait!

Keep Up With The Prescriptions

You may feel like your eyes have already developed the crystal clear vision you wanted and it’s doing all fine, but that’s exactly when you will be welcoming the horrors of post Lasik. Don’t skip on your prescribed medicines and eye drops as they promise the fastest healing.

Maintaining hygiene is also very necessary, clean your eyelids and the area around your eyes as well. Follow the eye exercises suggested by your specialist. Another critical step to get the desired outcome is to never skip appointments with your surgeon.

Avoid Workout And Other Activities

After a Lasik surgery in which a flap is made, getting back to sports or exercising not long after the medical procedure could put your eyes or flap in complications and danger. Even wiping your sweat from eyes while working out can cause these sorts of difficulties. You can restart necessary activities, such as running and lifting light weights, after a few days following a Lasik medical procedure.