California fix it ticket is considered a correctable violation, meaning that you can typically resolve the issue with little legal ramifications. Essentially, you are pulled over for something like tinted windows or a broken taillight, and a police officer issues you a citation. This citation will specify what items need to be fixed or remedied to avoid paying the stipulated fine. As long as you correct the issue within the allotted timeframe, then you will have no further legal problems. However, if you fail to fix the issue and do not pay the fine by the deadline, then your legal troubles could get significantly worse. Although, before you go hiring a traffic ticket lawyer San Francisco, learn the best way to handle these citations to avoid any additional stress by following these three steps.

  1. Correct the Issue

While it is never a bad idea to contact a traffic ticket lawyer near me, Fix-it tickets are often straightforward violations that are quickly resolved. For example, a broken taillight can usually be fixed for under $20, especially if it is only a burnt fuse or bulb. Therefore, before seeking legal representation, consider the costs associated with the ticket and whether hiring an attorney is worth it.

  1. Official Sign Off

It is not enough to have your vehicle’s mechanical issue fixed. You also need to have an official sign off on the repair. For example, if you were cited for a mechanical problem, like tinted windows, then you will need to go down to the local law enforcement agency and provide proof of the change. Although, the official needs to have the authority to inspect the issue. Therefore, for registration and license issues, you will need to go to the DMV, and for insurance citations, you will need to contact an insurance provider.

  1. Court Approval

To have the citation dismissed, you will need to provide the proof of the correction to the court. However, this cannot be just any court; you will need to appear at the courthouse that is handling your citation. The correct location should be located on your ticket. If you lost your ticket, then you can attempt to locate your citation through the court system’s website. However, if that doesn’t work, then you can stop by any courthouse and provide proof of identification, and they should be able to tell you where you need to be.

While it is tempting to just mail in the evidence that you made the changes, it is always best to do it in person. It is not uncommon that things get lost in the mail, and you do not want a failure to appear simply because the proof was lost in the mail. Once you provide the evidence to the correct courthouse, the violation will be dismissed. Although, depending on the citation, a court date might be scheduled with a judge.

Fix-it tickets are correctable violations, and as such, they are typically resolved without the need for lawyers. However, if you feel that you have wrongly received a citation, then contact a traffic ticket lawyer to see how to move forward.