It may sound silly, but it is more important than ever to pay attention and exercise extreme caution when you are walking around these days. People who are driving are often distracted. Sometimes the sun will get in their eyes, and they won’t see you in crosswalks. Also, you have to pay attention and get off of your mobile devices as well, because pedestrians are causing all sorts of issues not being present and aware of their situation.

Hard data about accidents when walking is hard to come by, simply because it’s an odd topic. But, if you want to avoid being a known statistic or an unknown statistic, you need to keep your head on a swivel if you are walking around, particularly when it comes to urban areas.

You need to have a basic awareness of where pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur. You need to pay special attention to your mobile phone use and the mobile phone use of drivers. And also, being aware when walking will keep you away from dangerous situations with robbers or pickpockets.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents happen. And they are usually terrible or gruesome. Even though pedestrians always have the right-of-way, there are all sorts of different reasons that drivers or other people on the road might miss them, even in crosswalks. If a vehicle is in a rush or maybe can’t see because of weather conditions, pedestrians are in particular danger. Because you cannot control the cars on the road, that means you have to be in control of your own body, and that means being able to move out of the path of cars if they don’t see you and are heading your direction.

Cell Phone Awareness Issues

There are two ways that mobile phones or mobile devices can cause issues with pedestrians these days. First of all, drivers use mobile devices at an alarming rate, and this can cause them to be distracted. And secondly, pedestrians are continually looking at their phones instead of being aware of traffic patterns around them. If you are walking out in public, keep your cell phone in your pocket. It’s that simple. It will help to keep you safe.

Robbers and Pickpockets

Another reason to pay attention while you’re walking is to avoid robbers and pickpockets. If you look like a target or if you look distracted, then someone may decide that they want to take your wallet, or they may wait for you not to pay attention and figure out some way to rob you in some other manner. Petty thieves often do what they do because they find it easy to steal from people who aren’t paying attention.