Wrongly Accused Of Theft

Finding yourself wrongly accused of theft whether it be at work or in a store, is a horrifying experience.   You may find yourself facing serious charges, regardless of how much you claim your innocence.

Being found guilty of theft could affect your life in a multitude of ways, from your employment to your personal relationships.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you handle your situation as promptly as possible by taking the necessary steps.

Take a look at what you should do if you find yourself wrongly accused of theft.

Gather All The Information

Before you do anything, you should know exactly what you’re being accused of.  The more information that you have, the better you’ll be able to protect yourself.

If you’re being accused of theft at work, be sure to find out whether there will be an internal investigation and whether you’re being terminated.  While asking all of these questions, be sure to speak as minimally as possible in between. Saying the wrong thing could lead to being implicated in the crime.  Save the talking for later when you defend yourself in court.

Get a Lawyer

Once you have all of the details laid out before you, you should find a lawyer while experience on your type of case as soon as possible.

When it comes to finding legal representation not all lawyers are created equal.  It’s critical that you find someone who has plenty of experience under their belt in criminal defense.

The right legal professional will speak on your behalf and guide you through the process with ease.  Whereas hiring someone who has very little knowledge of criminal defense could make things even worse for you.

Know Your Rights

During the process, your lawyer will be able to explain exactly what your rights are.  A lot of questions will arise in regards to your privacy and the investigation process.

Having a lawyer on call to answer any questions you have about whether you are required to do something you’ve been asked to do is helpful.

When in doubt, don’t act, and instead consult with your lawyer first.  Only they will be able to give you an informed answer.  Anything else is speculation, and you may end up hurting your case more than helping it.

No Outbursts

Even though it’s overwhelming being accused of a crime, especially when you’re innocent, it’s crucial that you stay as calm as possible.

Don’t participate in any public outbursts, or take to social media to air your feelings.  

When you’re in the process of being accused of a criminal act, you should keep as low of a profile as possible.  Anything can be used against you, so it’s best to do nothing at all.