Habits That Are Harming Your Eyes

As you go throughout your day, there are likely things happening around you or that you’re participating in that are either helpful or harmful to your health. While most people know that sitting around all day isn’t good for your health and that eating a healthy diet is good for your health, there are so many other things that you might not realize are having a big impact on your overall health.

For many people, their eyes and vision isn’t something they think about on a daily basis. However, with the world we currently live in, there are many threats to your eyes and their health. So to help you in rooting out these problems in your own life, here are three daily habits that are harming your eyes and how to address them

Touching Or Rubbing Your Eyes

How many times each day would you estimate that you touch or rub your eyes? If it’s more than zero, many health professionals warn that you could be causing a lot of undue harm to your eyes and the areas around your eyes.

According to Julie Ricevuto, a contributor to Self.com, any time that you touch or rub your eyes, you’re spreading around dirt and germs that shouldn’t normally be in these areas. Doing this can cause all types of infections in and around your eyes. And if you’re trying to get something out of your eye, rubbing it can just make the situation worse. 

If you do need to touch your eyes, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly first. And if there’s something in your eye that you need to get out, first try to blind rapidly so you can wash it out on its own before attempting to use your fingers to get it out. 

Too Much Screen Time

We’ll all heard about how too much screen time can be bad for our brains and bodies, but have you ever thought about how the light from screens could be affecting your eyes?

The blue light that’s emitted from the screens we read and watch can cause a lot of stress and strain on the eye, which can make your eyes weak and tired. To combat this, Amanda Hawkins, a contributor to Good Housekeeping, recommends that you give your eyes a break from the screen after about 20 minutes of staring time and that you turn off your electronics about an hour before you plan to go to bed each night. 

Not Using Proper Protection

There are numerous things that people do each day that are putting their eyes at risk for damage. To best protect your eyes, it’s important that you know what these threats are and how to avoid them.

Christine Skopec, a contributor to Cheat Sheet, shares that many people worry about their skin when in the sun but don’t even think about protecting their eyes. Because your eyes can get sunburned just like your skin, you should always protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. 

To help your eyes stay healthy and protected, consider using the tips mentioned above to address any daily habits you have that could be harmful to your eyes or vision.