Do you work in an office? Do you feel like you’re irritable at the end of each day? Do you have sore hands after a full workday or sore back and neck after a week of doing your job? If so, then it’s time to open up the secrets of keeping your comfort level up while you are working at an office job. 

It is not as hard as you think. It’s a matter of understanding the context of your work hours and your physical habits.

So let’s get into three of these secrets. First of all, you should be using an ergonomic keyboard. There is no excuse for you putting your hands in unnatural positions while you are typing. Second, you need to schedule eye and ear bricks. If you work with audio, your ears need rest. If you need a lot of focus on a computer screen, your eyes will get fuzzy if you don’t look away regularly. 

And third, you should have a stretching routine for your hands, neck, and back. If you don’t rest and reset these sets of muscles every 20 minutes or so, you can quickly feel wound up and not be able to relax your body.

Ergonomic Keyboards

One of the first things that you should do to keep comfortable at work is to purchase an ergonomic keyboard. At an office job, you spend many hours a day typing or at least being in front of the keyboard. Why wouldn’t you make this the center of your comfort? Ergonomic keyboards may be expensive, but the first time you use one that feels good underneath your hands, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using it years earlier.

Taking Eye and Ear Breaks

How often should you take a break when you are doing computer work? The answer may surprise you. If you don’t take breaks at this regular interval, your attitude will get worse, the quality of work you do will go down, and you will generally be a worse employee. 

It’s such a simple habit to close your eyes and look away and take headphones out of your ears every so often. Your focus will be much better if you take these breaks, rather than if you try to maintain a rigid posture for such long periods to look like you’re working harder.

Stretching Your Hands, Neck, and Back

A final secret for staying comfortable at work is regularly going through an office stretching routine. It doesn’t even matter what clothes you are wearing. You can stretch out your hands, neck, back, and legs very quickly all well within a few feet of your desk. You have to understand which muscles are stretching, and you need to know how often you need to break away. Ideally, your employer should order all of the employees in an office to regularly do this so that everyone maintains focus for the entire workday.