Without a doubt, the COVID global pandemic and sparked a rise in people working from home and many businesses and adapted to the change and even made the change permanent. Due to the adaption, it is now a fact that 78% of employees would prefer to work from home rather than spend all day in the office, there are many benefits from working from home, for example, you can be more productive and finish up work earlier than later, therefore you can spend the rest of your day doing the things you enjoy.

 What does digital nomads mean exactly?

 A digital nomad is an entirely independent person who generates money online using everyday technologies such as laptops and mobile phones and travels daily across the world, they work for a company entirely remotely or builds and maintains their own business.

Since the global pandemic has shut down many office spaces, as mentioned earlier, it gives employees freedom to travel to a certain location, since travelling to other countries is beginning to open and some countries have gone into the green zone, you will be able to travel to countries like Ko Pha Ngan and many others moving forward. Click here and you can access much more information on everything you need to know about becoming a Digital Nomad.