2020 was a strange year for many, with the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 affecting all of us in some sort of way, and especially businesses with many not being able to survive through this period, with many shutting for good. However, there has been some business that have thrived through this difficult period due to the benefits they’ve been able to show to customers during this period and we evaluate the winners of the pandemic below.

The company that has made the biggest headway during the pandemic has been Amazon who has reported increased profits throughout the whole of the pandemic, and this can be down to a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons as to why that have been profitable during this time is because many have been worried about the spread of the virus and potentially spreading the virus to a vulnerable person. Due to this, Amazon has jumped on this bandwagon and delivered on the forefront of the pandemic with them becoming an e-commerce marketplace for all to use for their everyday goods. 

Other industries that have been able to benefit during this period have been online entertainment services such as Netflix who has reported an increase in users during the height of the pandemic. This is because many have been looking for alternative methods to keep themselves entertained whilst we’ve been forced to stay at home to combat the spread of the virus. Netflix has been perfect for this as the range of shows and movies they have in their library is extraordinary and is one of the clear winners of the lockdown due to this. 

Other online services that have seem to have grown in numbers during this pandemic has been that of online sports gambling sites, betting sites not on gamstop can be found here. These particular sites are offering some of the best odds on all your favourite sports as well as the promise that your betting fun won’t be limited by the scheme gamstop. 

Another industry that has seen booming numbers during this period has been that of personal protective equipment companies which have been supplying us with masks and hand gel to combat the spread of the virus and have therefore seen surging numbers during this period. With the end of the global pandemic still not in sight, these numbers aren’t due to slow down any time soon.