I have been working remotely with Shift Smart for a couple of years now and it was definitely the best decision which I have ever made. This is a company which provides remote workers for businesses, and it works in shifts, allowing you to work as and when you so wish. One thing I must say is that above all, I have adored working remotely, and it has completely changed my life. Here is exactly why I love it and why I know that so many of you would love this lifestyle too.

Location Independence

The biggest and best benefit which you are going to get from this lifestyle is completely independence with regards to your location. Thanks to the power of a laptop and the internet, you are going to be able to work just about from anywhere you happen to be. I have worked at friend’s houses, on the beach, in another country and even on the road thanks to my smartphone. I cannot stress enough just how important this aspect of my life really is.

No Commuting

In my old job I’d spend around 2 and a half hours commuting each day, this would not only cost me time but it also cost me money. Now I have none of that to contend with, no boring trains or buses, and much more time and money on my hands. If you hate your commute as much as I used to, then you should certainly look into working remotely.

Money Saving

When I first switched to working online I knew that I’d save money on the commute, but I had no idea how much money I’d save elsewhere. As it turns out, buying lunch and drinks everyday really came at some cost, which I no longer have to deal with. This was actually quite a surprise to me during those first couple of months, and one which of course was certainly welcome.

No Ceiling

I a able to work a number of jobs when I have the time to do so and that just means that I have no ceiling with regards to how much I am able to make. I love having the option that I can make more if I want to, without having to rely on some favors for overtime. This has been something which has seriously improved my life.

No Stress

And finally the stress reduction has been absolutely enormous, something which I also didn’t anticipate. The commute stressed me out, my work stressed me out and so did people in the job. Now I have far less stress and that has helped me out in so many other areas of my personal and my private life. Being able to properly relax is something which not many of us are able to do whilst we work, unless you work remotely.

If you want these benefits then I would urge you to get online, check out a site like Shift Smart, and get yourself happy.