While many people have started working remotely at least temporarily over the course of the last year or so, there have also been some people who have realized that their job actually makes just as much if not more sense to be done remotely full-time. Along with this, aftering having worked remotely, many people aren’t that excited to get back to physically going into the office each morning. 

If this sounds like you, here are three great jobs you can look into that typically allow people to work remotely

Jobs In The Tech Industry

Almost every job in the tech industry could easily be done remotely. And since people within the tech industry generally have an above average grasp on technology, communicating with their bosses, coworkers, or clients through their screens or emails doesn’t usually present a challenge.

Some of the most common tech jobs that have been traditionally remote and are being moved more and more into the remote realm include positions like software development, data scientist, IT managers, security analysts, computer systems analysts, and much more. So if you work in the tech field at all, or you’ve been looking at getting a job working in this industry, you have a great chance of securing a position that will allow you to work remotely. 

Careers In Customer Service

While some customer service jobs are best done in person, many of the tasks done by customer service representatives can be done by people working remotely. 

From sales to call center work, working remotely in customer service simply requires that you know how to communicate well with the people you’re trying to assist. Especially for inside sales, working remotely can easily be accommodated. And if you are doing customer service on the phone, via chat, or through email communication, these things can literally be done from anywhere, not just an office setting surrounded by other customer service representatives. 

Management Positions

With so many people moving to remote work, many managerial positions can also be done at least partially remote as well. Because when everyone on your team is working from their own home or from different offices around the globe, it doesn’t really make sense to have to come into an office as a manager. As long as you’re able to properly manage your team and your projects in this way, there’s no reason why a management position can’t be done remotely. 

In many cases, the jobs mentioned above will provide people with a great pay and opportunities for growth. So if you’re wanting to work remotely, or you’re curious if you have a leg to stand on when asking about transitioning your current position into a remote position, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you see how plausible this work may be for you.