Since your customers mean a lot to you staying in business, saying you need to care about them is an key.

That said are you taking all the steps needed to do what your customers expect of you?

It is important to remember that if you don’t please enough customers they could put you out of business.

What Will it Take to Please Your Customers

In your quest to improve how you handle customers, here are three tips to think about:

1. Listen to what they have to say – It stands to reason you could upset some customers if you failed to listen to them. That said do your best to hear them. If they have a problem with your business, get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. This shows you care about them and keeping their business. Use in-person chats, texts, emails, surveys and more to get important feedback from them. At the end of the day, you need to know what they are thinking as it relates to your business and their needs.

2. Deliver on the best in products – You also can’t sleep on the importance of having first-rate products. Say for example you run a spa, salon or similar type of business. From electric massage tables to many other items, make sure they are meeting needs. It is important to review your products on a regular basis. Look for wear and tear over time, defects and the like. If any of your products are not up to the standards they should be, it could turn some customers off. Stay on top of the products your industry uses. You can do this by using the Internet, occasionally attending industry trade shows and so on. When your products please the bulk of your customers, odds are most of those folks will stick around. They might even recommend your business to family and friends in the process.

3. Give them deal when it makes most sense – Finally, you should also be looking to give your customers deals. You can’t sell all your products and services at below industry prices on a continual basis. That said deals from time to time will be popular with much of your customer base. You also want to look at providing discounts to different people. As an example, do you offer deals for those individuals age 55 and over? Senior citizen deals can end up being quite popular with that segment of your customer base. You might also look to provide discounts for present and former members of the military. If you have customers with very young children, discounts for those kids can prove to be popular too. Look where you can ease the costs to some degree for your customers. That is without hurting your bottom line in the process.

As you think about how best to improve things for your customers, the hope is you come up with the right solutions.

In the event you do, you could keep many of these individuals as customers for the foreseeable future.