Technology often gets a bad rap when it comes to productivity. Anyone who uses social media regularly has probably been warned that devices make people procrastinate. And while it may be true that scrolling through TikTok for hours on end is a little more tempting than filling out spreadsheets, technology doesn’t have to be the enemy of productivity.

In recent years, technology has brought tools to the workplace that make everyday tasks more efficient, allowing for easier communication, decision making, and general workflow.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to utilize these advancements, read on to discover the top four tools to boost productivity for your small business.

#1: Google Calendar

It’s time to ditch the puppy calendar hanging above your desk—it may be cute, but it’s not helping you stay productive.

Shift all your scheduling needs within your business to an online platform like Google Calendar. Google Calendar is not only free, but it’s also an efficient way to get your whole team on the same page. Scheduling meetings and events on Google Calendar will create alerts and send them out to your entire staff.

Using a cloud-based calendar system is a great way to cut down on miscommunication and scheduling time. Ensure you’re keeping important meetings and events on track because nothing is less productive than showing up late.

#2: Time-Tracking Software

When you own your own business, sometimes the hours (and even the days) can run together while you’re working. Implement a time-tracking software into your daily workflow so you can truly value your time (and give yourself much-needed breaks).

Time-recording tools offer a lot of benefits when it comes to boosting productivity, including:

  • Keeping track of total work hours, break durations, and bottlenecks
  • Billing clients
  • Paying employees
  • Staying on schedule
  • Setting up reminders and notifications on your devices

Productivity can be difficult to maintain when your workday feels never-ending. Keep yourself and your small business on track with a time-recording software.

#3: Wealth Planning

When it comes to financial investing, a lot of time can be spent weighing decisions and figuring out what your best options are. If the financial side of things isn’t exactly your strong suit, consider hiring a wealth planning company to boost productivity while continuing to make fiscally sound decisions.

Wealth planning services can be accessed easily in person or online. A finance professional will assist you in making appropriate decisions for your company’s assets while allowing you to keep working at your normal pace.

Making financial decisions can be both stressful and time-consuming. Don’t let the minor details of financial planning bog you down. Instead, find a service you trust with your money and allow them to do their job (so you continue to do yours).

#4: Social Media Management

Sure, social media can fuel procrastination. But for many brands, a social media presence is vital to success. If your company relies on support from online followers, there are ways to use social media to your advantage.

Using a social media management platform, like Hootsuite, is a powerful way to boost productivity when handling your company’s social media accounts. Its dashboard-style interface allows your social media manager to access multiple platforms from one page. This is particularly helpful when you want to relay an important announcement quickly to your brand’s followers on all your online platforms.

Not only will tools like this save time and boost your brand’s productivity, but it also shows your followers that you know what you’re doing online (because nobody wants to look like a grandpa on Twitter, right?).

There Are Only 24 Hours in a Day

As technology progresses, the professional world is finding more and more ways to stay productive. While this list is only the beginning, you’re going to notice a major upward shift in efficiency when you adopt these tools.

Shifting your daily workflow to a more productive, tech-based routine is going to make productivity skyrocket across the company. In addition to saving time, your employees are also going to thank you for making their jobs easier. Cut out the busy work and get your team on track to achieving real success, you won’t regret it.