Clothing, whether plain and simple or with fun graphics on them, are a wardrobe staple for people of all genders, ages, body types, styles, and budgets. Whether you are looking for something super casual or to make a statement, you’ll be able to find a tee or sweater that is perfect for the occasion. 

It can get a little overwhelming to know where to shop clothes nowadays though with so many options out there. Should you brave the shopping mall or shop online without trying the clothing on? Luckily you have a ton of options. Here are five places to shop for cool clothes to add to your closet.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has both an extensive online shop and brick and mortar stores with locations all over the world in most major cities. It’s a great place to shop for mid-priced clothing of all different styles. They have lots of band tees and graphic tees to help you rep your favorite brand.  


For both more simple and less expensive options as well as designer stuff, Nordstrom is a great place to check out. You can shop online or in any major shopping mall. Plus, they have an excellent return policy.


For less graphics and more plain and simple classic clothes, check out Zara. They are popping up in malls everywhere so if there isn’t one where you live already there probably will be soon! It’s a reasonably priced option too, and of course you can shop online! Just keep in mind that Zara is a European company so their clothing is very slim-fitting. You might want to purchase one size down if you are used to USA sizes. 


You may have overlooked this one in the past as this is the same store you shop at for toothpaste, laundry soap, and home goods. Perhaps you didn’t realize that the clothing they sell could be fashionable too! But Target (both online and in-store) has t-shirt options for the entire family at good prices too. Who can beat one stop shopping? 


Maybe one of the best options on this list, try shopping small! Local boutiques in your area will have unique options that no one else will have, plus you’ll feel great about supporting a small business. The only issue is that every city has different boutiques, and some will have more than others. Ask around or check online to see what your area has to offer and go for a nice stroll to get some new clothes.

Finding the coolest clothing doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Just try out the stops on this list and you may be surprised how quickly and easily you find your new favorite outfit.