Gift Ideas

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than the glow on the face of a woman that just became a mother. Through this process, we are subtly reminded of the divine feminine energy to bear the creative capacity to breathe life into this earth.
The following list provides some ideas for the best gift ideas to show your support for that special person in your life who just became a mom.

1) Ultimate Nutrition Protein Coffee:

When you stop to think about all the amazing things that she does, you cannot undervalue all the things that she had to sacrifice during her pregnancy, like her coffee intake.
Now that she is a mom, she will need all the energy through proteins, and essential vitamins to help her get back in shape post pregnancy
. The combination of protein and coffee is a healthy one. Protein helps in reducing all the negative effects of coffee. This is why having them mixed together makes for a great energy drink to sip during one’s busy day.
Recent I came across the Complete Nutrition, which is an amazing place on the web to buy your protein coffee from. Their Ulimate Nutrition protein coffee has just the right combination of whey protein mixed in with Columbian Roast coffee bean.
My favorite flavor is the Caramel and she’ll absolutely love it too.

2) The Twinkle in Time Star Maps

There is no doubt in my mind that the day the incredible lady in your life found out that she was going to be a mom will remain special for her forever. That, and the day of her first ultrasound, the first time she felt a kick, and the day that the precious joy in her life was brought into the world.
With the star maps at Twinkle in Time, you can give the gift of a timeless keepsake that celebrates any of these moments with her, highlighting just how important they are to you as well. At Twinkle in time, they work with high-quality astronomical instruments to provide an illustration of the stars at any given time in a location, past present and future.
With this gift, you can be confident that she will never have another like it and that she will love it from the bottom of her heart. The map can also be bought framed during your purchase on their website.
In the ranks of cute and personable gifts, this one would definitely take a high place on the board.

3) Screen Print This Customizable t-shirt

This next gift is great in the high level of customization that it offers to make that cute T-shirt for the new mom.
There are countless expressions to show your appreciation for her, and with a Screen Print Customizable T-Shirt, you have an unlimited opportunity to explore each one.
At the reasonable price of just $20, Screen Print This offers cool designs and custom prints on their t-shirts.
Whether it is a picture of her newborn child, the family or a silly inside joke that you both share, Screen Print This offers great custom wear that speaks to an individual, making it a super personable item.

4) Little Hippo Baby Handprint Kit

The innovative team at Little Hippo came up with a truly brilliant product with their Baby Handprint Kit. In recent times, the baby handprint has kind of become a cultural or societal blueprint. Almost every household has at least one identifiable handprint, whether it is etched in the sidewalk out front, or in extreme cases tattooed on someone’s shoulders.
In their 2019 review, Living Today rated the Little Hippo Baby Handprint Kit as one of the top 5 gifts for new moms, and for good reason. As a new mom, she will want to document and commemorate every slightest moment in her child’s life.
At Little Hippo, they take the process and make it into an easy-to-use kit that is fun for the newborns’ parents.
This convenient kit takes this monumental step to the next level. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this package comes equipped with a keepsake photo frame that allows you to personalize the experience. The brand also has a similar product for capturing footprints.
Overall, Little Hippo handprints are definitely a great gift for a new mom to start memorializing the child’s major actions.

5) Kool8 Water Bottle:

While the new mom starts recovering post pregnancy and gets busy immediately with the task of taking care of a baby, it is crucial that she remains as hydrated as possible. The Kool8 water bottle is the perfect solution for keeping hydrated with water that remains cool for 24 hours.
The product line offered by Kool8 stands out above all others in its market for reasons abound. Sure, there is no questioning that she will absolutely love the sleek elegant design of the stainless-steel container. She will definitely be impressed by the multiple vibrant colors that allow her to customize the look to her own individual preference.
The Kool8 also comes with a tea infuser, and that is an amazing feature. Cool Things Chicago rated Kool8 as the number one water bottle for the year 2019, highlighting its style and efficiency for daily use.
Moreover, what the new mom will really appreciate is knowing that she is playing her part to be more environmentally and socially conscious with the purchase of her Kool8 product.
The Kool8 with the use of stainless steel is definitely contributing against the use of plastic. Apart from this, the company also supports a noble cause as 20% of the profits of what Kool8 earns goes towards providing underdeveloped countries with purified water.

6) La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 905 Tinto 2007 Red Wine

Remember discussing all those things that she had to sacrifice? Well, this includes one of her favorite downtime routines of winding down at the end of the day and relaxing to a good wine.
As such, there is no questioning that the new mom in your life will be absolutely thrilled by a gift of a good bottle of La Rioja Gran Reserva 905 Tinto 2007 Red Wine.
Take my advice, I speak from experience. Granted she was joking, but my own mother is my best friend in life, and I involve her with everything that I am doing. I asked her what she would have wanted more than anything when she first had me, and to that, she replied quite simply, “A good glass of vino.”

Hopefully, the list above provides you with some good ideas in your process of reminding the special lady in your life how much you care about her, and that she is always there in the back of your mind. Whether she is your life partner, mom, friend, aunt or sister, a woman that just gave birth definitely deserves some cool gifts.