Once upon a time, cannabis was widely illegal and very misunderstood. Today, cannabis can be found in many different forms, as its medical benefits are beginning to be realized. 

Cannabis isn’t just known for altering your state of mind, but consuming the plant can actually help improve your physical and mental state. Here are some of the many ways that cannabis can benefit your health. 

 Pain Relief 

 Many patients who are experiencing pain are prescribed cannabis as a form of relief. There are all sorts of ways to consume cannabis for chronic pain, which is why medical cannabis has become so popular amongst people looking for a long term solution. 

 Patients with multiple sclerosis, in particular, can greatly benefit from using cannabis as a form of reversing the negative effects caused by the condition. In many cases, multiple sclerosis patients don’t respond to any other medications except THC. 

 Soothed Tremors 

 Parkinson’s disease, which causes tremors in patients, can be eased by cannabis consumption. Studies show that smoking cannabis soothes Parkinson’s patients’ tremors on a remarkable level.  

In fact, the medical evidence of Cannabis’s positive effects on tremors is so apparent that more and more countries across the world are making it legal for this very reason. 

 Decreased Anxiety 

 People who suffer from chronic anxiety can benefit from low doses of cannabis to improve their moods and lower stress levels. In some cases, high doses may have the opposite effect, however, so it’s important to make sure that anxiety sufferers are guided by a professional when dosing for an. 

 Slow Cancer Cells Down 

 Studies have shown that cannabis has the ability to slow down cancer cells. When certain cancer cells have been treated with cannabis, they have stopped them from spreading. Many cancer patients are encouraged to consume cannabis on a daily basis in order to slow down the cancer in their body. 

 Arthritis Relief 

 Research has reported that cannabis can greatly reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Researchers have also found that in addition to relieving their pain, they also sleep considerably better when they have consumed cannabis.  


Post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, is something that often occurs in people who have experienced traumatic life events. For example, veterans who have been at war often have PTSD episodes following their return home. However, cannabis has been found to help control the parts of their brain that inflict PTSD. 

 Sleep Issues 

 Beyond just making you fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer, cannabis is also known for helping with sleep issues like nightmares. Cannabis can help eliminate nightmares completely because of its effect on REM sleep.  

There are still ongoing studies regarding marijuana’s effect on sleep cycles; however, the evidence is pointing towards more benefits than repercussions.