Yes, we all love our baggy shirts and sweatpants, but there’s a time for those and a time when you need to leave them at home and look your best. Here are a few reasons why you should always look your best and a few ways to do that with ease.

Staying Fit

Ok, let’s talk about our bodies for a minute. Nobody enjoys being body shamed or feeling self-conscious because of how they look. There are entire industries based on this. For example, many people choose to get rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills because they aren’t comfortable with their nose, and there is a great deal of pressure to always look fantastic in that part of California.

Beyond our faces though, if you wear clothing that is loose, like anything that features elastic, you will be better able to cover the fact that you aren’t exactly a gym rat. If you are wearing clothes that look good, it can actually motivate you to remain fit so that your body also looks good.

Looking and Being Sharp

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear influences what people hear come out of your mouth. As an example, if you get lost in a city, you will have better luck getting directions from someone who is nicely dressed because you will trust them more. Just like if you were on a trail, you might want to ask someone who is properly dressed for camping or hiking. You should dress for whatever message you wish to convey. People will be more apt to listen to the words you say when you are appropriately dressed.

Boost Your Confidence

Regardless of your age, dressing well can give you a confidence boost. Wearing a massive shirt and a pair of running shorts might be uber comfy, but it won’t have an impact when it comes to making you feel or look good. You can look good at any age simply by dressing well and taking care of yourself.

Express Yourself

Dressing up can be thought of as a type of art. You have the freedom necessary to express your personality through what you wear while you are still able to look nice. Dressing up day after day doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to dress for a ball. If you feel like expressing your personality through the shirts that you wear, for example, you can pair them with a nice pair of jeans or slacks, depending on the type of shirt it is.


If you dress well each day, you will be more likely to be more productive. If what you are wearing is comfortable and loose, you will be more apt to be less productive and more apt to fall asleep.


Finally, dressing well can be something that is fun to do. After all, each day is special and one of a kind. Parties don’t need to be the only times you celebrate. Dress each day like it will be your last day on earth…and enjoy it.