Look GoodIf there is one thing that people fear as much as death and taxes, it’s the aging process. Used to looking like a kid through most of their 20s, the sudden appearance of a bald spot, gray hair, or a stray wrinkle causes many to panic.

In a frenzy, they start looking for ways to freeze or even reverse the hands of time. While the Fountain of Youth isn’t a thing yet, there are a number of strategies that everyday people can use to slow aging to a crawl.

From staying active, to using skincare products made by companies like Jeunesse Global, you can defy Father Time and make people swear you are lying about your age – until you show them your driver’s license and birth certificate (and even then, some might still be in disbelief).

If you want to blow the minds of everyday people with your looks, adhere by the following habits through the course of your life.

1) Exercise on a regular basis

It is one of the most well-worn cliches out there: if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. There’s a reason why sayings like this one are repeated so often – it’s because there’s an element of truth to them.

When you move your body daily, muscles get used and are built up or maintained as a direct consequence.

When you adopt a sedentary lifestyle, these robust muscles wither and decay.

Those who take the stairs instead of the elevator can chase down the bus without suffering more than an elevated heart rate.

Those who take the easy way out find themselves panting out of exhaustion one day when trying to climb the stairs one day.

When we actively maintain our bodies, they look more aesthetically pleasing, as well-oxygenated cells operate more efficiently.

What’s more, bigger muscle cells have more mitochondria, which burn fat at a much faster rate than their smaller cousins, keeping us slimmer as our less active friends grow plumper.

2) Drink plenty of water

Speaking of efficiency, there is nothing that makes our cells operate better than an abundance of H2O. It makes sense when you remember that our body consists of 70% water.

When you are not drinking enough, your cells can’t eject waste material at an optimal rate, leading to damage and in the case of skin cells, clogged pores can lead to acne and other unsightly problems.

By drinking the equivalent of eight cups per day, you will provide your body with the hydration necessary for optimal function. Yes, the extra trips to the john will be annoying, but you’ll get used to it.

3) Take care of your skin

Segueing to your skin, it is vital to care for it properly if you want to look great throughout your entire life. After all, it is one of the most visible aspects of your body.

Start by washing your face daily and taking showers less often. Some may object to the latter point, as they are accustomed to doing so multiple times per day.

However, it has been reported lately that limiting this activity to once per day or once every two days is essential for those wanting to avoid drying out their skin’s natural oils.

When it comes to makeup, avoid brands use harsh chemicals to make their cosmetics, and when the day is done, wash it off completely to prevent clogged pores.

When you end up getting wrinkles, know that there are products out there which can help reduce or even hide their appearance.

By making use of these cosmetics, you can further project an image of youth well into middle age.