Human body is a true masterpiece. No matter how many exercises we perform, what foods we eat or how much time we spend in gyms, our bodies have no ability to stay young forever. And there comes a moment when nothing can help us to look younger than plastic surgery procedures. 

But if you decide not to go for cosmetic treatments, that does not mean you have no chance of looking younger, thinner, and healthier! We suggest trying out five tried-and-true body treatments; from coolsculpting in Vancouver to keratin treatment in Toronto, you will surely find something that will help you look and feel younger. Let’s check them out!

1) Microdermabrasion

This is a non-invasive treatment for your skin. It uses special crystals that are attached to a plastic tip that gently removes surface layers of dead skin cells. This will result in improving the texture, colour, and overall appearance of your skin without causing any pain or irritation. 

On top of all that, microdermabrasion is an excellent treatment for acne scarring since it helps reduce acne breakouts along with its appearance by removing clogged pores.

2) Keratin Treatment

Also known as Brazilian Blowout, keratin treatment involves coating your hair with a keratin-based compound that seals in moisture. This will result in making your hair shinier, smoother, less frizzy, and easier to style. It also helps reduce split ends, so if you have damaged or very dry hair, give it a try! 

It is not exactly a painless procedure, but it lasts for about two months, at which point you’ll need to repeat it if you want your hair to look great again.

3) Laser Hair Removal

This is a treatment that’s not only painless but also requires no recovery time whatsoever. It is based on laser technology that targets hair follicles, destroying them completely. The process can be slightly painful if you have dark skin, but it will become much less of an issue with each session you undergo. 

Since there are several types of lasers for different hair colours, always make sure your dermatologist uses one that works for your skin tone before getting a procedure done.

4) Professional Teeth Whitening

It is a commonly known fact that staining is one of the main causes of tooth discoloration. It can be caused by lots of things, such as cigarette smoking, tea drinking or just a regular consumption of food/drinks that stain your teeth (coffee, berries, dark wine etc.). If you have lighter-coloured natural teeth, they’ll only look better if they are white! 

So, if you want whiter teeth without changing their colour completely, try professional teeth whitening procedures. On top of it all, getting them professionally whitened will ensure they stay white for much longer than using do-it-yourself kits at home.

5) Deep Tissue Massage

This is an ideal option for those who suffer from chronic back, neck or shoulder pain. It is a specialized massage technique that focuses on realigning your muscles with deeper pressure than classic Swedish massage techniques. 

Deep tissue massages will relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation and flexibility of your joints. It also stimulates the regeneration of cartilage between joints, which makes it one of the best treatments for joint-related health issues. The only problem? You’ll need to schedule several sessions as it takes 2-3 visits before you can see major improvements. But if you have pain that simply doesn’t seem to go away no matter what else you try (physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments etc.), deep tissue massage might be exactly what you need!

So, there you have it, five tried and true body treatments that are quite popular with locals. I hope they’ll help you take good care of your body!