For many years there was only one type of face lift available for people, which involved a full tightening of the face.  Things have moved on a lot since then and now there are so many options available.  While this advancement shows a lot of progress and people appreciate having more options and more specific treatments to choose from, sometimes the choice can be overwhelming and people can be left asking, what is the best face lift procedure?

This very much depends on what you want doing. There are now also many non surgical options available. These options can still help with the issues people are trying to fix – drooping, sagging, and those pesky wrinkles. No incisions are made, so no risk of scars either. Instead, Botox and facial fillers are used to produce the same desired effect. The obvious downside to non-surgical options is that it is a temporary fix and the procedure would need to be repeated over and over.

For some, they would prefer the surgery. And there are many options if that is the case. In recent years, the incisions are getting smaller and smaller, and the risks are much lower so many are drawn to this option as the effects can last much longer than Botox and facial fillers.

Having a face lift is something that most women these days will at least think about and ask themselves if they would ever be willing to get one. A lot of people change their answer as they start to age. The aging process progressively changes our skin.  It loses its elasticity. And it isn’t just the skin that is affected. The muscles also start to slacken. The fat (totally natural fat, by the way) starts to sag. Add to that the affect stress can have on our face, the extra wrinkles it can gives us, the thinning of the skin making it look like crepe paper, yikes! And what about all those hours spent sunbathing or fake sunbathing in a tanning salon? That can all have an effect on your face. And then, although not a problem for everyone, some people lose weight and if they lose it on their face, their face could start to look droopy.

In a world obsessed with appearance and beauty, it is no wonder that more and more people are considering their options when it comes to a face lift.