If you work in an office all day then you will no doubt be familiar with some of the regular and often painful symptoms that the job can cause. Stiff neck? Sore Back? Cold Feet? The post-lunch slump? If you are nodding to these then this is because spending all day sat in an office chair, perhaps moving to the printer once in a while is simply not sufficient activity for your body and you need to do something about it. In order to kick these symptoms, there are some things which you can do which will ensure your day in the office runs far more smoothly.


Office Yoga

Online Furniture specialists Furniture at Work have recently created an awesome campaign called Office Yoga which involves daily exercise and stretching, from your own office chair. Yoga is a well known form of exercise which can help your mind and your body, through its stretching and breathing exercises you will feel more relaxed, better able to cope with stress and your muscles and joints will feel more flexible with increased blood flow around the body. The Office Yoga exercises are simple and effective and they involve moves like the ‘Office Gossip’ the ‘Lengthy Meeting’ and the ‘Office Desks’. You can do the exercises alone in the office or for a bit more fun, get your colleagues involved.

Morning Workout

A morning workout is a great way to improve your office life, it will not only serve to wake your body up on the morning but also allow you to feel more comfortable during your day at work. Much of the reason why we often feel that sense of tiredness when we get to the office is because our muscles have not really done much yet, we have woken up from laying down for many hours, made our way to work and then we sit down for the best part of a day. Hitting the gym or going for a run in the morning will help you to feel far less lax once you get to work and this can improve posture and blood flow.

Light Lunch

If you want to still feel active after lunchtime or throughout the day for that matter, then diet is very important. Eating a healthy breakfast and a light lunch will help you sail through the day with energy and avoid that post-meal slump that many of us feel. When the body needs to break down fats, it requires a great deal of energy, energy which is then sapped from your ability to think quickly, or get up and go. Leave the big meal until evening and keep it light during the day.

Water Over Coffee

If you want to feel great in the office for the duration of the day then ditch that coffee for a glass of water from one of the office water dispensers.

Coffee may give you the boost but it is like a credit card for your body and you pay this boost back with interest, in this case, low energy and tiredness. Instead of drinking coffee, drink more water instead, it will keep your mind sharp, your body hydrated and your energy levels on an even keel all day long.

Check out the Office Yoga video below and try it out in your office: