Exercise is a very important part of living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Exercise rewards us with a better heart and circulatory system, strong muscles, and flexibility that is important for our mobility and many daily tasks.

When exercising you need to ensure that the types of exercise we take on do not cause us injuries or pain. The smartest approach is to engage in exercises that are low impact so that it does not cause unnecessary damage to our muscular or skeletal systems. There are many effective low impact exercise regimens that are very effective, but there are three that really stand out.


More than 50 years ago Joseph Pilates invented a fitness system originally called contrology, later renamed Pilates. The system is based on precise and methodical movements of the body that help create strength and flexibility. Pilates focuses on building the body’s core, which is the midsection around the abdomen and the lower back. With a strong core, the body has a firm foundation on which to build strength. Pilates exercises are rhythmic and need to be performed in conjunction with timed and controlled breathing. The result is a low impact fitness regimen that has proven to be one of the most effective at building strength, repairing injuries, and improving overall health. Pilates continues to grow in popularity and is even used today by physical therapists to help those badly injured.


With a storied history, of over 5,000 years, yoga continues to be popular. This mind, body, and spirit, fitness regimen utilizes a series of movements, breathing, and mental focus to create a healthy and strong body. There are many different styles of yoga, with some focusing more on the body and others focusing more on its mental aspects, but each style ultimately seeks to improve the wellbeing of your entire body. Yoga has exploded in popularity around the world because of its ability to relieve stress and to accommodate nearly all fitness levels. If you have an interest in yoga you should experiment with all the different styles to see which one is best for you and your fitness goals.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics are aerobics performed in a pool. The water provides resistance which adds to the difficulty whilst also minimising the risk of harm. This style of aerobics offers many benefits over a standard aerobics class. You can expect the following benefits from attending a class:

  • Less strain on the heart and circulatory system
  • Increased range of motion in the joints and limbs
  • Better stamina
  • Low and no impact fitness system
  • Less stress on muscles and joints.

Aqua aerobics classes have become a favorite for senior citizens and those who are recovering from injuries however can provide benefits for anyone.