Clinical Pilates has been specially developed as a rehabilitation form of the exercise.  It is a medical treatment focus aimed at those with joint and muscle problems. Clinical Pilates focuses on restoring normal movement, posture and muscle balance within the body. There are targeted exercises aimed at specific areas of the body that are injured and in pain. Clinical Pilates can promote healing, strengthen weak areas, improve mobility and function in those areas and throughout the body, to even prevent re-injury. Here are some more specific benefits of Clinical Pilates:

Reduced Back and Neck Pain

Clinical Pilates can focus on specific types of back and neck pain to bring welcome relief. Exercises can target precise areas of the neck and back and relieve tension and compression.

Improve Balance and Coordination

Often balance and coordination problems have to do with your vertebrae being out of alignment, muscles being so tense they put parts of your body off balance and high stress levels. Clinical Pilates works on all of these issues and others to help you improve your balance and coordination.

Increased Flexibility

Increased flexibility isn’t just great for gymnasts, it’s important for everyone else. When your body is more flexible you are less prone to injury. You can recover more quickly in the event of a strain, and you place less stress on your joints. Clinical Pilates focuses on flexibility throughout the body, so you benefit from having a high level of flexibility.

Correct Posture.

Good posture is very important for the long-term health of your back and spine. Humans are one of the few mammals that walk upright and there is a debate as to whether the human body was actually designed to support an upright walking position. The reason is that the position of the spine in the human body causes it to become compressed and curved as we age.

As humans age we need to pay close attention to our posture in order to make sure our spines do not get too much of a load which can lead to chronic spine problems. One very familiar spinal problem that is somewhat connected to posture is osteoporosis. Clinical Pilates focus is on the strength of the spine in the core muscles around the spine that support and strengthen it. By strengthening these muscles it adds needed support to the pine.

Injury Prevention

So many injuries are caused simply because the person is not in good physical condition. Clinical Pilates places an emphasis on strengthening all areas of the body, creating better flexibility, posture, abdominal strength and improving mental awareness. Each of these contributes greatly to avoiding or preventing injury.

Clinical Pilates continues to gain in popularity because of the many benefits it offers.