My friend and I always played mystery games when we were growing up. Now the games have evolved from board games to apps. She sent me a link to the top 10 mystery game apps the other day and I checked it out. Link is below so check it out but keep reading to get tips on mystery game apps.

Top Mystery Adventure Game Apps


People have always been interested in mysteries and adventures throughout history.  The excitement of adventure or murder mysteries in books has always been something exciting for people to read. Later shows on TV that played the stories of unsolved mysteries inspired people to play games that involve solving crimes. Because the topic was so interesting to people in the 19th century, mystery games were created. Most of the first mystery puzzle games were board games. Over time they evolved into murder mystery dinner so more people could join in on the fun. People could invite their friends over and each person would have a character to play at dinner.

Only for fun mind you, but one of the characters get killed during the dinner and the rest of the partygoers had to investigate and solve the murder. More recently, adventure games have become popular. These games became popular in the 70s and 80s and were normally on computers and the adventure was followed by text on the screen, Oregon Trail anyone? But as technology has thankfully developed, so has the sophistication of adventure games and thus their popularity.

The invention of new gaming systems meant there were loads more games available and the games became even more popular. Now we have combined mystery and adventure as they go hand in hand and elevate the fun factor in each game.

How to play

Most mystery adventure games involve a crime or major event and is set in a certain place. Some games are so developed and big that gamers can visit the open world, which means you can visit other sites besides the scene of the crime. The technology of this other world is done so well that you really feel like you’re inside the game. Because each game is set in a certain location, the location is very important and normally the game is picked because of the gamers feeling towards the location.

Another big part of the game is the plot. Usually the main character (you) stumbles onto a crime and in some way, has a connection to it. Now here comes the fun part. Now you try to solve the mystery by investigating the crime. This is the exciting part as you have to find clues and look through different places and objects to investigate the crime. Due to a large amount of games offered, you can have loads of fun finding the right adventure game with a great plot and fun with the mystery that is ahead.


In the late 1990s and early 2000s, mystery adventure games became popular. A Lot of the mystery adventure games can be played on smartphones now making them more accessible and therefore, even more popular. One place people have been able to go to share their love for mystery games and which ones they like best is Reddit.

By sharing their preferences with games, this allowed smaller games to gain some audience. Some of these smaller or indie games can be much more creative and unique to the bigger games which makes them even more exciting to play. So many gaming companies are creating huge and detailed open-world mystery games. But some people might still prefer simpler games with a great story that are easy to point and go. Whatever open world or story you like in your adventure mystery games, you are sure to find some that keep you interested and happy playing for a long time to come.


Now that you have a little background information about mystery and adventure games, and how they became popular, you might have more appreciation for them and feel inclined to look for one to play. Again, check out the link above to find some interesting mystery adventure apps to test out and play. No matter what kind of story or characters you like, with the link and these tips you should be able to find games that you want to play anytime and anywhere.