If comfort and are style are your priorities, there are plenty of car models to choose from. In the SUV market, nothing beats the luxury finish of a Range Rover model, but with them often comes a high price tag. Read on if you want to find out the three main areas where you could reign in the costs and still get the car of your dreams.

  1. Would leasing be a better option?

Leasing is ideal for those struggling with budgets. Firstly, it allows you to try a car before you buy it in a more comprehensive way than simply test driving it – from road trips to sporting events, you’ll soon figure out if it’s worth the full cost, and this could save you thousands. Secondly, you rarely need a deposit to put down against a leased vehicle, as opposed to the hefty sum required when financing a car.

Then there’s the depreciation factor; if you lease a Range Rover Evoque, your monthly payments will decrease with time to reflect the vehicle’s drop in market value. However, if you were to buy the same car on finance, your monthly payments will remain the same regardless of the thousands less your car is now worth. If you change your vehicle in a few years for a better model, you’d lose a huge percentage of your initial investment, but leasing means you can simply change it with no hassle.

  1. Work out the best model for you

Another way you can save money is by looking at the features of each model and deciding which one is best for you – it could simply be the case that you don’t need all the mod-cons offered with the full-size Range Rover, and the slightly smaller, more practical Evoque could be the car for you. It’s thousands less to buy, hundreds less to lease, but you still get that same luxury interior and sophistication that comes with a Range Rover.

First consider the technical specifications – do you need all those fancy gadgets in the full-size model? Will they really improve your driving experience? Then consider the various safety features available with each model, and finally, check the mechanical side and make sure you’re opting for the car that will work efficiently for you.

  1. Look out for incentives

Finally, the market share of electric cars is increasing all the time, and even the best experts in the business are saying that, eventually, all cars will be hybrid or purely electrical. With this in mind, look out for future releases of electric Range Rover models – there may be both company and government incentives around.

Pledging to cut fuel emissions, governments are always looking for ways to show that they’re taking global warming seriously, and it could be that they offer you some form of discount on an electric model in future – keep your eyes peeled on major automotive news websites.

Have you recently bought or leased a Range Rover model?