In the midst of all the technology advances, don’t let your house get left behind. Keep it safe with these wireless home security trends.

Do you have a robot slave?

. . . We mean an assistant. Alexa, Cortana, Google Home, whatever you call her – do you have one? She is helpful with the weather, playing music, and even turning on and off devices.

Did you know she can also be helpful when it comes to keeping your home safe? No need to buy those chunky and hard-to-understand outlet light timers anymore.

Just hook up your lights to an app and you have wireless home security. You can create a light show for potential burglars from wherever you are – using your phone.

While that’s not exactly a security system, it’s part of what the new image of home safety looks like.

Want to learn more? Read on below.

Smart Homes and Wireless Home Security Systems

While we don’t have flying cars yet or real hoverboards, we are making big strides in home security. There are apps that will unlock your front door with the touch of a button.

You can even see who’s ringing the doorbell before you get out of your comfy chair. Pesky political canvassers – be gone!

Instead of the old version of home security systems, with the window beeps and the keypads, things are more individualized. One family may think a doorbell camera and some flickering lights are enough.

Another family may want to discover more options. It’s up to them – but we finally have options for everyone. Which one will you buy?

From the Outside, In

When it comes to home security, people think about the outside of the home. So that’s where we’ll start. Check out these front porch accessories.

Smart Doorbells

What if instead of looking through the tiny-fisheye peephole when someone was at the door you had a digital camera? That’s the idea behind smart doorbells.

They install on your wall but don’t need special wiring. You set up their connection with your phone and then when someone rings, boom – your phone alerts you.

You can look at the live camera feed from the front door. Who’s there? Do you want to answer it? If you do, then go get the door.

If you don’t, you can snooze the notification and the visitor goes away.

If you choose to buy one, make sure they don’t charge a monthly service fee. Or, if they do, make sure you’re willing to pay it!

Smart Locks

Keypad locks have been around for a while – but they’re still great. Not only do you not have to wrestle with keys, but you can let friends and family in by texting them the code.

They’re starting to get smarter, like some options that have app integration. These apps allow you to leave the door unlocked for a certain time period – like when you’re expecting a valuable package.

You can combine those options with a ring doorbell and basically never have to move again.

It’s not quite a corneal scanner entry, but hey, it’s what we’ve got!

Home Security Cameras

Okay, this is where the market gets really saturated. A while back, the company Nest went from offering just thermostats to baby-monitor type cameras.

But people loved the cameras and their online interface so much, that they use them all over the house. If you ever babysit – this is a good word of warning.

People are starting to install these cameras in entryways and on covered porches. A wifi-enabled camera can detect motion – even if it’s just someone leaving a flyer on your door.

The cool part about the motion detection is, they’ll alert you on the app when it happens. You don’t need to watch hours of feed to catch a potential package thief.

It costs money to be part of Nest’s online storage and organization platform for videos. But most people think it’s worth it – especially if you want to provide evidence.

Or, maybe you want a video of your kids’ first steps or what it really looks like when they crawl out of their crib. People have caught dogs doing silly things as well.

You can even set the sensitivity level up for the times when you’re away. Like if you’re on vacation and the house is empty, you can set it up to alert you for seemingly small motions.

You may end up looking at a few squirrels, but it’s nice to have the peace of mind.


Finally, let’s say you’re away from home and you don’t feel like your front door camera is enough. You want bad guys to write off your house as a possibility entirely.

That’s where the idea of turning on and off lights when you’re out of town comes in. And now you can do that from your phone.

Alexa and Google Home both have integrated light-bulb partnerships, as strange as that sounds. You can hook up your Phillips HUE bulbs to your app and turn them on by touching your phone.

Turn them on and off as you please or set up a timer from the app. It’ll look like someone’s home in your house, without you having to set up some paper figures on a model train.

Home Alone had some good ideas, but that was years ago (and fiction).

Your Smart House

Do you remember that Disney Channel movie about the smart house? When the smart home fake-mom got mad and faked a tornado?

These devices for wireless home security aren’t quite that powerful, which is a good thing. But they’re powerful enough to keep you safe and informed when you’re out of town. Another way to keep your family safe is to think about EMF radiation protection products. With all of these new electronics that will use wifi it is good to keep your family protected from all that extra harmful EMF.

So, which one do you think you’ll install?

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