An efficient circulation of blood through your body is highly essential for good health. As long as your body cells are receiving an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients, you’ll remain healthy. In addition to supplying your body cells with fresh nourishment, the blood also works to carry away the waste from metabolic activity along with dead cells, carbon dioxide, and other toxins. Consequently, poor blood circulation translates into various health issues.

Poor Blood Circulation Can Become a Vicious Cycle of Ill Health

If your body’s circulatory system is not functioning as it should, that could indicate several issues such as obesity, diabetes, blood clots, varicose veins, and various others. Interestingly, an inefficient movement of blood is both the cause and effect of health issues. Like HealthLine explains, poor blood circulation results in nerve and tissue damage. For this reason, you may notice symptoms like fatigue, memory loss, and the inability to perform simple activities like climbing stairs and walking. If you regularly sense tingling and numbness in the peripheries like the hands and feet, and swelling in your legs and ankles, know that they are all symptoms of your cells not receiving adequate blood.

These symptoms can, in turn, make it difficult for you to exercise so your weight remains in control. Or, maintain a good metabolic rate to keep your blood sugar in check. Lack of movement resulting from fatigue can lead to swelling in the legs and sluggish functioning of the heart, liver, brain, and kidneys.

Break this Vicious Cycle with BEMER Vascular Therapy

Acronym for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy- Regulation, BEMER Vascular therapy works to restore the proper movement of blood through your arteries and veins. But most important, the BEMER treatment carries blood to the smallest of capillaries that connect to every cell in the body and make up 75% of the circulatory system. This treatment creates a pulsed electromagnetic field around your body to stimulate the flow of blood and reverse poor blood circulation to promote good health. Perhaps, the best feature of this therapy is that it is non-invasive and only needs you to lie back on the BEMER mat for the recommended time interval.

Understanding the Principle behind BEMER Vascular Therapy

BEMER therapy works on the principle that the body can be stimulated to heal itself by promoting microcirculation to the tiniest of blood vessels that may be four to five times thinner than the human hair. Although the treatment does not specifically target any specific disease, the fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients to the blood cells and the removal of waste could set off a healing reaction in the body. Even as your tissues and nerves repair and rejuvenate, you may sense renewed energy with the fatigue melting away.

Scientists Have Proved that BEMER Actually Works

In case you’re wondering if BEMER therapy is actually effective, know that scientists at the National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted studies on the treatment. Researchers asked a group of test subjects with knee arthritis and lower back pain to spend 20 minutes a day lying on the BEMER mat. The therapy continued for 3 to 4 weeks and the patients were asked to come back at 15 weeks for a follow-up examination. The doctors also used several diagnostic tools to study the effects of the therapy on the microcirculation of blood in the patients. The patients who completed the treatment talked about lower levels of pain and increased energy levels. They also expressed an improved quality of life than before.

Any Person Can Safely Get BEMER Therapy Save for a Few Contraindications

Any person can safely get BEMER therapy to reverse poor blood circulation including patients that have metals implants such as suture clips, surgical plates and screws, dental fillings or any other. However, there are a few conditions under which certain patients cannot get the treatment. These conditions may include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Any treatments where the patient is taking drugs to suppress the immune system like, for instance, bone marrow transplants
  • Infections
  • Epilepsy or any other seizures
  • Fevers with unknown causes
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Major psychosis
  • Extended usage of corticosteroids
  • Recent incidence of stroke
  • Tumors that need regular dosages of medication
  • Intake of blood thinning drugs

Even though there have been no reports of BEMER therapy causing any undesirable side effects or adverse reactions, you may want to check with your medical practitioner before opting for the treatment.

How the BEMER Treatment Progresses

You can get the BEMER treatment by way of two devices, the BEMER Pro Set and the BEMER Classic Set.

The BEMER Pro Set

The BEMER PRO set can help you with poor blood circulation thanks to its comprehensive collection of devices that allow you to get therapy in the privacy of your home or in a clinical environment. In addition to the mat that carries electromagnetic coils, the set also comes with an advanced interactive B.BOX that has a touch-screen display. The Pro set also contains smaller devices that you can attach on your body in the areas that need healing. At any given time, you can control the devices independently of each other with the B.BOX that can also be wall-mounted if needed. Feel free to control the intensity of the treatment according to your comfort levels.

The BEMER Classic Set

The BEMER Classic set is well-suited for users who are trying the therapy for the first time. This set includes a mat, B.BOX, and a few other gadgets. Similar to the BEMER Pro set, you can also control the intensity of the electromagnetic pulses according to the levels of poor blood circulation you’re trying to treat.

BEMER vascular therapy has been proven to be highly effective in helping patients regain health and wellness by reversing poor blood circulation. The electromagnetic pulses stimulate the better flow of blood so that your body can heal itself and you regain energy and vigor.