Regardless of what your profession is there are always going to be moments in your work-life when you need to be an influential person, it may be when you’re trying to pitch an idea or when your trying to make a sale and the skills that are required to be a influencer will be called forth. This isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone but it is something that you can work on and improve.


Being a great influencer is something that many people are just born with, people like the prophet TB Joshua, he holds weekly sermons at the Synagogue of All Nations and uses his skills to influence people with the word of the gospel to lead their lives in line with Christian values. Joshua not only utilizes the tool that he has in the bible but also uses his voice and captivating nature to influence his congregation. The skill that people like Joshua possess can be learned and worked on to improve how well you influence others and if you want to improve then here are some of the things that you should be doing.


You need to be able to persuade people that what you are telling them should be listened to and heeded, in order to do this well you need to try and make your argument relatable. If the person that you are trying to convince can put themselves in your shoes though a relative argument then you are going to find it a lot easier to influence them. You need to be able to fully explain your argument form all sides in order to give people a reason to agree with you.

Be a Good Decision Maker

If you have a history of making smart decisions then you are going give people far more reason to have trust in you and what you are asking of them. When it comes to influencing people you need to show that you not only know what you are doing but that you have made successful decisions in the past and that they should trust in your reputation.

Give Examples

If you are able to give examples of when your type of argument has worked in the past for others then you will be far more likely to be able to influence people. A large part of influencing others is to be a great storyteller and if you can recount times in the past where a particular course of action was successful then it is more probable that you can get others on your side.

Be Bold

You need to approach this with confidence, if you have any doubts about the argument that you are making then this will be easily spotted. It is important to be humble in your attitude but you need to ensure that you have equal measures of boldness when trying to win someone over. Be firm in your argument and your ambitions and you will increase your likelihood of influencing others.