I’ve heard all my life about how I should be investing the money I have saved, it always sounds like a great prospect, pumping your money into something and flipping it for huge profits but the reality is that I never really knew where or how. Ever since I started earning money age 14 on my little paper route, I followed my Dad’s advice and saved 25% of any salary that I made, I dipped into it a bit when I bought my first house but other than that it remained largely untouched for many years. I decided that I would take a chance on investment and did some research about how and where I would put my money and I thought I’d share with you what I found.



Start-ups look to be a great place for investment, there are more businesses being created year on year right now than at any time in the past and the large majority of them are seeking investment. There are many companies and individuals who make great money from this form of investment, exciting finds in the industry like Javier Garcia Teruel Avila, one of Mexico’s most exciting business minds, are finding great success in investing in new businesses and you can too. I would advise that you invest in a business that is going into an industry that you already know something about, this will put you in the best position to make a decision on the business’ merits.

Real Estate

Real estate is, and for a long time has been, one of the best ways to invest money, whilst property prices can move down, they are always sure to move back up. Investing in real estate can offer you great security when it comes to placing your cash and you have two options to make good money from your investment. The first is buying commercial or residential property that you can then rent out and see monthly cash coming your way and the second is to flip your property for fast profit. Of course, even with the first option you can still sell when the prices are good, the second option requires much more knowledge about the industry but house flipping can be very profitable.

Oil Industry

When I first started reading up on stocks and shares, I must be honest, I was a little lost and just didn’t feel confident enough to put my money into something that I was unsure of. I did a little reading about the oil industry and the futures markets and everything just clicked into place. I have made some very good profits from the futures markets and you can do. A futures contract is basically a contract that guarantees oil at a particular price in the future. Upon the contract’s expiry, if the price of oil is higher than your contact then you can guarantee the price on your contract, these contracts can be readily bought and sold and if you get in at the right time then you can see some great profit.