Getting into a relationship with someone you can actually trust is already hard work, but staying in that relationship is a different story. We have all heard different stories about marriages, both successful and failed ones. Unfortunately, in the US, fifty percent or even more, end up failing for so many reasons. It could be because the couple grew apart, or maybe, they both realized they were not actually ready for that kind of commitment, whatever reason it may be, one thing is for sure, they both decided to separate for a reason.

What usually becomes an issue after two people have separated? Of course, we always consider our financial standing. What would happen to someone if he or she were to get divorced and be left with nothing or get something he or she does not deserve in the first place? Now, people may think that only the people of higher classes worry about things such as prenuptial agreements, in some cases, this may be right, but then, prenuptial agreements basically serve as security for both people who are getting into the marriage. Entering into a prenuptial agreement before getting married does not mean that you are expecting your relationship to fail, I mean, who would want that? When you get into something as sacred as a marriage, of course, you would expect it to work. But then again, what if it does not? Would you not want some sort of security in case the relationship fails?

There are some people who actually get offended when they are faced to sign a prenuptial agreement. These are probably the more traditional people who would think that there is no need for such an agreement as they are getting married for love and no other reason. But there are others who believe in prenuptial agreements so much because who would not want to keep what they had even before the marriage? It was yours then, and it’s still yours even if let us say, your relationship fails. See, it is not easy to stay invested in a relationship especially if it no longer works for the both of you. If they bore a child during the marriage, of course, it would always be better if the parents stayed for their children, but what if it was no longer negotiable or bearable for them? There are so many ways for the parents to stay invested even after a divorce. This is the purpose of the prenuptial agreement, it is to make sure that the couples both have what is rightfully theirs and if they have a child, provide for their child as well with what they have. As mentioned, most number of marriages in the US end up failing, and although prenuptial agreements are not only for people who have lots of properties or money, the market for them might be higher if the place’s level of wealth is also higher. Take for example, a prenuptial agreement lawyer in Los Angeles might be more experienced in the subject since given that the city is known for having wealthy and successful people. If the couple opts for a prenuptial agreement before their marriage, it would be of course a smart move to get in touch with a lawyer that is well-experienced in this matter. Laura Wasser, a Los Angeles prenuptial agreement lawyer, also a divorce lawyer who handles mostly cases that involve high profile celebrities, said “I will educate them as to what a prenup does and what a prenup can protect and shelter and what it can’t, and I’ll try to negotiate it in the most equitable way possible…I try not to put my personal feelings into it. My job is to do what is necessary to create an agreement that will be enforceable if and when they split up in the future, and save them some money and aggravation later.” When faced with a divorce, it is important to be working with a lawyer who is knowledgeable, experienced, and one that you can trust, because at the end of the day, there is no such thing as a happy divorce, so might as well get someone you can be sure that he or she is someone that knows how to do his job well and will honestly help you. Nobody hopes for a failed marriage, but it is always a good idea to be cautious and protect yourself as well.